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E.g., 04/03/2020

New High-End Interface for Plunet and Across

Plunet GmbH

Monday, 8 June, 2015

Berlin – Plunet strengthens its technical collaboration with Across and develops the new dynamic CAT interface “AcrossConnector”. Complex translation management processes are made easy and can be individually controlled with this new, seamless integration between Across Language Server v6 and the latest 6.1 version of Plunet BusinessManager.

The Across Language Server offers globally active enterprises, language service providers, and individual translators a centralized, software-based platform for consistent translation processes and language resources. This very sophisticated solution specifically includes tools for project and workflow control, as well as a translation memory and terminology system. All translation processes and workflows can be defined and automated along the entire supply chain by way of centralized data storage in line with enterprise requirements.

The powerful business and translation management software Plunet BusinessManager combines business, workflow, and document management, and is developed specifically for the translation and localization sector. Plunet offers business management and process support for LSPs, language service departments of major industry players and service providers, as well as government organizations and NGOs. Focusing specifically on quality and customer orientation, Plunet offers optimized automation and flexibility.

AcrossConnector allows the interconnection of all business and production processes on one integrated platform. All key Across functionalities have been integrated in the standard workflow of Plunet BusinessManager. In other words: Across projects are synchronized with Plunet, and can be managed centrally. Templates, workflows, and Across project relationships are applied directly in Plunet for quote and order creation. Projects generated in Across can be automatically created in Plunet BusinessManager as orders, and the same applies vice versa. The simple push of a button initiates price calculations and invoicing procedures. The integration between Plunet and Across minimizes the time-consuming switching between systems, and unifies previously redundant processes. The results are shortened project run times, seamless automation, and quality improvements throughout the translation project.

 “The integration of the Across Language Server in corresponding systems and higher level processes has an enormous impact on our business,” explains Christian Weih, Member of the Board of Directors at Across. “It allows our customers to integrate Across seamlessly in their own application scenario, creating optimized added value. Our innovative collaboration with Plunet picks up exactly at that point. As a result, the dynamic integration with Plunet BusinessManager now covers a use case scenario that is extremely important to us.”

Doris Langenberg, Product Manager at Plunet, is similarly pleased about the technological partnership: “Plunet and Across both play a huge role in the translation industry with regards to interoperability by way of defining multiple interface options. Therefore they are benchmark products for many companies. Plunet BusinessManager offers companies a high degree of process simplification through automation. The development of the AcrossConnector is another example of our commitment to providing our customers with the tools they need to further develop their business with quality and innovation in mind.”