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New Common Sense Advisory Research Report Evaluates and Ranks Translation Management Systems

Wednesday, 7 March, 2007

Boston, MA -- The software and service industry offers a rich variety of content and translation management solutions. Research firm Common Sense Advisory's latest report "Translation Management System Scorecards" (Feb07) provides an independent evaluation of 16 translation management products against the criteria the firm established for this market sector in its earlier "Translation Management Technology" research (Dec06). The two reports examine factors driving demand, define four buyer types, map system features to define subcategories, and outline the most likely adoption strategies available for TMS. "Translation Management System Scorecards" objectively evaluates and lists scores for solutions from across, Advanced International Translations, Beetext, Idiom, Lido-Lang, Lingotek, Lionbridge, The Language Technology Centre, Plunet, ]project-open[, Sajan, SDL, thebigword, Translations.com, and Transware.

Common Sense Advisory's lead analyst on the report, Ben Sargent, adds, "An EU Commission just published data showing small and medium-sized businesses in Europe lose over 100,000 euros per year on average due to translation gaps; the Department of State estimates that U.S. firms collectively lose out on $50 billion a year due to poor or missing translations. Software exists that can help companies close this gap - it is called TMS and we expect this market segment to boom in the coming years."

The top scorers among the TMS systems surveyed boast ample collaborative features delivered via workgroup and customer portals, such as Sajan, SDL TMS, and thebigword. Many of the highest scores belong to mature products with a long history of research and development, including Idiom, LTC, and Project Open. However, the report also reveals some newer offerings have leveraged their fast-follower status and rapid development efforts to quickly get into the running; these include across Systems, Lingotek, and Lionbridge.

"Translation Management Systems Scorecards" summarizes the TMS marketplace, as well as information from Common Sense Advisory's December 2006 research. It also presents relevant features and functionality for prospective buyers, including:

  • Consolidated scores for all 16 TMS solutions in comparative tables. These comparisons show how well they met the feature coverage criteria set for business, workflow, and language management.
  • TMS selection worksheets to streamline the selection process for buyers.
  • Solutions characterized by how companies can buy them, including purchase and install, ASP (hosted), and captive systems delivered at low or no cost as part of a language services contract.

The report is available as part of a Common Sense Advisory membership package. For more information, visit www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

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