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Net-Translators to take part in Medica 2006

Thursday, 26 October, 2006

Net-Translators, a leading provider of translation and localization services, will be taking part in Medica 2006. Medica is the world's largest exhibition of Medical Technology, Rehabilitation and Healthcare. Medica presents a remarkable portfolio of products, topics and companies from innovative small businesses to medium-sized companies as well as global players. Last year there were 4,012 exhibitors from more that 62 countries and 137,122 visitors from 100 countries. Net-Translators' participation in this event emphasizes its role as the leader in Medical translations in Israel , and Net-translators impressive growth in the international marketplace. Net-Translators provides expert medical translations for some of the largest Medical device manufactures as well as some of the most well known pharmaceutical companies in the world. Furthermore, Net-translators participation also underscores its commitment to its customers, and will assist Net-translators in remaining current and up to date with all medical advances and terminologies and by extension assist its customers in achieving the highest quality Medical translations.

About Net-Translators
Net-Translators Ltd. is a leading provider of translation and localization services, providing expertise in the area of software localization including GUI, online help and documentation into over 40 languages. Net-Translators provides localization, internationalization, and globalization services for leading technology companies around the world. Net-Translators utilizes the most up-to-date methodologies in the field, and strictly adheres to project management and QA procedures thus assuring its customers of on-time and high quality deliverables. Net-Translators specializes in translations of HW, SW and biotechnology material for compliance to international regulations. For more information please visit www.net-translators.com.