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Net-Translators launches a secure online Customer Center portal

Wednesday, 14 April, 2010


April 14, 2010 ― Net-Translators, a leading provider of translation and localization services, today announced the launch of its new online Customer Center, a secure web portal through which customers can access project, proposal, and budget information 24/7.  The Customer Center portal establishes an open line of communication between Net-Translators and its customers around the world, improving the customers experience while reducing the cost of customer care.


The Net-Translator Customer Center makes detailed client project information available on demand through a range of self-service options. These include requests for proposals, quotes and status approval for new projects, tracking project status and deadlines, reviewing and paying invoices, and more. Clients can also expedite project timelines by using the portal to upload materials for translation.


“Now, no matter where in the world our clients are located, the Customer Center portal gives them anytime access to project status. Better, more timely project information boosts customer satisfaction and, in turn, helps us deliver a higher-quality, more cost-effective translation product,” said Gal Yissar, CEO, Net-Translators Ltd.


"We’re a globally distributed company with ongoing localization projects,” said Roni Bracha, Application Manager at AVT. “Net-Translators’ new customer portal gives us 24/7 access to project status, helping us track deadlines and keep our documentation budget under control."


Established customers are issued a username and password for secure access to the Customer Center through a link on the net-translators home page at: www.net-translators.com.


About Net-Translators
Net-Translators is a leading translation and localization company offering services in over 60 languages to software, hardware, and medical device companies around the world. Net-Translators multilingual services include localization of software products including GUIs and online Help, translation of technical and marketing materials, robust multilingual testing, and full website globalization. Net-Translators specializes in translation of materials for compliance to international regulations. For more information, please visit www.net-translators.com.



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