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Muntsa Cuch?-Robinson appointed to manage CPSL Technologies


Friday, 18 February, 2005

Muntsa Cuchí-Robinson is taking over the management role at CPSL Technologies, a company devoted to developing and marketing technology for the translation and localisation industry.

Muntsa Cuchí-Robinson has fifteen years of experience in the translation and interpreting industry. She has spent most of her professional life in the United Kingdom, where she was responsible for setting up and running Birmingham City Council's translation and interpreting department. She left public-service work in 1998 to take up the post of general manager at Comtec Translations, one of the first British translation and localisation companies to be awarded ISO certification. Prompted by her interest in promoting quality standards within the industry, Muntsa Cuchí-Robinson has been involved with the work of professional associations such as the United Kingdom's Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), she having become a member of its Executive Council as well as having founded and chaired the ITI's West Midlands branch.

"Large corporations and translation companies are facing an ever more pressing challenge stemming from globalisation," says Muntsa, "making the ability to produce high-quality multilingual content swiftly a major priority. I regard myself as fortunate in having the opportunity to lead CPSL Technologies at a time when launch preparations are under way for the next version of the company's own tool for managing processes and workflows in translation and localisation projects, Lucas 4.0 (Translation Workflow Management System), because it is a tool designed with quality standards in mind, and one that succeeds in helping companies in this industry to achieve a competitive advantage for themselves in the global marketplace."

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