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Mother's Day Localized

Friday, 9 May, 2008

Forty Ways to Wish Your Mom Happy Mother’s Day!

Seattle, WA, USA (9 May 2008)

Happy Mother’s Day!
Vše nejlepší ke Dni matek!

Looking for a fun way to greet mom on her day?  Check out www.gala-global.org/mothersday.  Internationally, Mother’s Day celebrates our similarities while embracing our cultural differences.  For example, in the US, the “Hallmark holiday” is dominated by moms’ cards and flowers. But in Thailand, Mother’s Day marks the birthday of the queen and citizens light candles and singBut in Thailand, Mother’s Day marks the birthday of the queen and citizens light candles and sing for the majestic mother.

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international non-profit organization that promotes local communications and has members stretched out across six continents.  Many of our members are linguist and local culture specialists.  They understand the importance of local communications.  They recognize the similarities and differences in cultures around the world whether they are working on Mother’s Day communications or technical documents for a global pharmaceutical company.

GALA has gathered these facts on Mother’s Day localized from members.  You can use them to add color to your broadcast or website.  Feel free to link to the list of Happy Mother’s Day greetings at www.gala-global.org/mothersday.  You also may be interested in:

* Trying out some of the translations on the air.
* Creating a montage of our members (either identified or not) saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in their local languages.
* Including some Mother’s Day facts in a geography quiz.

About GALA
GALA is an international non-profit association that promotes translation services, language technology and language management solutions. The member companies worldwide include translation companies, localization service providers, globalization consultants, internationalization specialists and technology developers.  GALA companies share a commitment to quality, service, and innovation in helping clients reach global markets.  For more information about GALA visit www.gala-global.org.