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Moravias QASight Releases New FaultFinder Testing Automation Tool

RWS Moravia

Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Brno, Czech Republic -- Moravia Worldwide announced today that its QASight business unit - provider of product globalization testing services - has released a new version of its FaultFinder testing tool. Designed for use by QASight's testing and engineering teams, this tool helps to increase the quality of testing and accelerates the testing process by automating the recognition of GUI defects and providing their customizable reporting.

FaultFinder was developed specifically to address the inefficiency that exists in many testing projects when having to choose between pure manual testing on one hand, and the use of large-footprint, commercially-available software test automation solutions on the other. Commercial automation tools provide for major efficiency gains especially on extensive or repeated test runs, but often require significant test script development and maintenance to reflect modifications or updates in the application under test. In many localization testing projects, this makes automation a less viable option for specific testing phases, and test managers can be faced with critical decisions about the most efficient combination of automation and manual testing steps.

The QASight FaultFinder tool provides automation testing functionality during manual testing by running in the background, automatically finding GUI defects and reporting them in a predefined format. This way test engineers can combine specific manual test runs - localization testing or functional testing - along with continuous GUI testing without the need to deploy large-scale commercial automation tools. This results in increased efficiency of testing, and ensures full coverage of GUI testing at any stage of a given testing project.

FaultFinder is extensible thanks to its DLL plug-ins modular system, which enables customization of bug recognition and bug reporting. The tool can provide detailed productivity statistics that show the numbers and types of defects reported over time, by tester or by product or component. It also fully supports .NET and Windows Vista and compatible products.

Moravia's QASight business unit has developed a significant expertise in the use of commercial test automation products, such as Borland® SilkTest®, and these have become the technology backbone of the company's testing processes. The company's strategy is to base its solutions on the best commercially available tools and achieve excellence in their implementation and customization. Internally-developed solutions such as FaultFinder help to further increase the level of QASight service offerings and to bring technology and process improvements to the benefit of the company's clients.

FaultFinder has been deployed on critical product releases for a number of QASight customers over the past two years, and has enabled aggressive time-to-market deadlines to be met and improved measurable quality. FaultFinder is a tool that Moravia will continue to use internally to increase the quality of testing and accelerate individual test cycles, and will make it available to its clients.

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