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Moravias QASight Launches Multilingual Compatibility Program for Windows Vista & Office 2007

RWS Moravia

Thursday, 1 March, 2007

Moravia Worldwide announced that its QASight business unit - provider of product globalization testing services - made available today its Multilingual Compatibility Program for the Windows VistaTM operating system and Microsoft® Office 2007. This integrated set of testing and engineering services is designed specifically to verify compatibility of software applications and products with the many language versions of these latest Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) flagship technologies and their multilingual features.

The Multilingual Compatibility Program helps producers ascertain if, and to what extent, their products are compatible with localized versions of the Windows Vista operating system and the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. It also tests product support for the specific language features and latest multilingual usability enhancements contained in these Microsoft products.

Ultimately, the program verifies that existing or yet-to-be-launched software and products will function well and as expected with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 installations deployed by users worldwide in local language versions.

Windows Vista is set to be available in almost 100 local language versions, including 35 specific language packs in addition to English, 61 languages and locales as Windows Vista LIP (Language Interface Pack) and complemented by a number of Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Packs (MUI). Microsoft Office 2007 desktop applications will support 37 languages. These new versions feature not only important technological advances but also reflect the recent developments and cultural changes that have occurred in many countries and locales since the last release.

The Multilingual Compatibility Program is built on a comprehensive range of QASight services tailored to account for the many available languages and multilingual features contained in the latest versions of the Microsoft products. The program's services include localization testing, functionality testing, linguistic quality assurance testing, test development engineering, software engineering and internationalization.

Moravia Worldwide and the QASight testing unit is a long-standing Microsoft partner and has helped Microsoft release their products and content in local-language versions globally for over a decade. Moravia's key expertise is in providing linguistic, localization and translation services in over 90 languages and language variants, complemented by QASight's product globalization services.

Moravia maintains the status of Microsoft Premier Vendor for localization services under the Microsoft Vendor Program (MSVP), which aims to identify those vendors who are qualified and have the scalable capacity to undertake a significant proportion of Microsoft's outsourced localization work globally.

Moravia's expertise in Microsoft technologies is also reflected in its status as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with competences in the ISV/Software Solutions and Networking Infrastructure Solutions categories.

"The fact that for the first time since 1995, Microsoft has launched new versions of their flagship Windows and Office products at the same time will transform and define the world of computing in the next several years," commented Ms. Katerina Forstingerova, CEO of Moravia Worldwide. "Our product globalization expertise will help producers to ensure their products can be used by customers anywhere in the world and used in any language or locale."