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Moravia Worldwide's Summit Tackles Hot Topics in Translation Industry Today

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Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

The Business Partner Summit 2008 Sees Increased Participation and New Topics

Brno, Czech Republic (July 16, 2008) – Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, successfully organized the Moravia Business Partner Summit 2008, which gathered a large part of Moravia’s global business partner base in the company’s headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic.

This two-day event saw a host of new and current translation industry topics discussed, and a substantially increased participation compared with the previous inaugural Partner Summit. Almost 100 participants attended the summit, out of the several hundred that form Moravia’s worldwide partner network, representing 50 strategic partner companies from 28 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The main aim of this year’s summit was to continue strengthening the business relationship between partners and Moravia, and to address some of the hot topics in the translation industry today that relate to the services Moravia delivers to its clients together with its in-country translation partners.

A special focus was on new emerging business models in localization, the role and practical application of new emerging technologies, future translation and QA processes, and Moravia’s workflow automation solutions. For each topic, the objective was not only to address the current trends, but also the future developments, and the innovations that Moravia – jointly along with its partners – can deliver to clients.

One of the opportunities addressed during the summit was new sourcing possibilities, and developing solutions for new emerging markets and languages (for example, the languages of South, Central and East Asia) and new subject domains, reflecting the expanding global needs of Moravia’s clients.

“From talking with our customers I know they consider the network of in-country language partners and our approach to business partner management as one of Moravia’s key strengths,” commented Ivan Lukavsky, Chief Officer responsible for Moravia’s Business Partner Group. “We base our approach on building long-term relationships and open information exchange with our partners, and the Moravia Partner Summits provide us with an excellent platform to help achieve that.”

A large part of the 2008 Moravia Partner Summit was also dedicated to over 20 project- or customer-specific meetings between Moravia’s and partners’ production teams. These tracks dealt with specific production aspects and planning, and saw an extensive participation from staff of all levels from all Moravia Production Units, increasing the value and networking potential of the summit for all its participants.

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