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Moravia Worldwide Wins Prestigious D&B Award

RWS Moravia

Monday, 5 December, 2005

Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, announced today that as Moravia IT, a.s. (the company's official registered name) it has ranked first in the Dun & Bradstreet Czech Republic competition titled "Best Company According to the Globally Recognized D&B Standards."

Organized by Dun & Bradstreet Czech Republic, the leading provider of global business information, tools and insight for credit, marketing and purchasing decisions worldwide, this competition was part of the eighth annual DHL Export Prize. The D&B competition evaluated Czech exporting companies by using the recognized D&B Rating and D&B evaluation methodologies, which provide a standardized assessment of companies' financial strength and health. The competition was backed by the Czech governmental organization CzechTrade.

"We attribute this high grading of our organization to our conservative financial policy and controlled growth over the past 15 years," commented Ms. Katerina Forstingerova, CEO of Moravia Worldwide. "While we are not a publicly traded company, this award demonstrates our rigorous, disciplined approach to business and the standardized processes we have in place across our organization, and we are, of course, very pleased."

"Stability and predictability of business partners are important and much sought elements in any industry, and localization is no exception," according to Arturo Quintero, Moravia Worldwide's Chief Corporate Strategist. "That we can achieve high levels of growth year on year while maintaining this level of financial health and performance is due to our outstanding staff, and is a fact much appreciated by our customers worldwide and by the company owners."

"Our objective in organizing this competition is to promote exporting companies and give special visibility to those which best meet the requirements of our recognized standards including D&B Rating," added Ms. Alena Seoud, Managing Director of Dun & Bradstreet Czech & Slovak Republics. "The outstanding results of Moravia IT, a.s., who scored highest of the evaluated companies, show Moravia IT as a financially strong and reliable business partner. Moravia IT is a good example for any Czech exporter that hard work and careful running of the business bears fruit."

About Moravia Worldwide
Moravia Worldwide is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, life sciences and financial industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia's solutions include localization and product testing services, internationalization, multilingual publishing and technical translation. Testing and engineering services are provided by our dedicated QASight business unit. Industry leaders rely on Moravia Worldwide for accurate, on-time and economical localization. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Ireland and throughout Europe. To learn more, please visit www.moraviaworldwide.com.