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Moravia Worldwide Opens Its Second Global Production Center in Brno

RWS Moravia

Thursday, 27 July, 2006

Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, announced today the opening of its second global production center in Brno, Czech Republic, the base of the company's worldwide headquarters. This new center, with a total area of 28,000 square feet (2,600 m2), will accommodate an additional 200 localization professionals, and will be the home base for Moravia's QASight testing and engineering division as well as one of Moravia's production units. The second production center will add to the capacity of Moravia's existing office space and will raise the total capacity of the company's Brno headquarters to over 400 people.

The modern six-floor building, situated conveniently within walking distance from the main office, and in the vicinity of the city center, was specifically designed to meet the needs of a localization and testing services provider. The office space and the security procedures in place comply with current ISO Security Information standards, and are set to meet or exceed the security expectations of companies that outsource their globalization requirements. Among other features, the building contains some of the latest physical and data security equipment available today.

This development builds on the advantages of the headquarters' location in the city of Brno. The city's fast-growing IT industry, which includes a number of investments in large-scale IT or service centers from companies such as IBM, Red Hat and Lufthansa, is fuelled by the large number of universities in the city which supply the labor market with a high number of IT graduates and qualified resources. Another advantage is the city's strategic location not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the European context, with Brno increasingly viewed as a major regional off-shoring or near-shoring center. For the second year in a row, Brno has been selected as Central Europe's City of the Future, having the best economic potential in Central Europe, by the renowned Financial Times group's fDi magazine.

"The opening of this second production center in Brno marks a new milestone for our organization," commented Katerina Forstingerova, CEO of Moravia Worldwide. "The new center will help to accommodate the rapidly growing client base and their requirements for services which we provide in a centralized manner from Brno, or from our production location in Nanjing, China. This includes services such as multilingual project management, testing and engineering," continued Ms. Forstingerova.

"Our customers, for whom we localize or test their yet-to-be-released products, have extremely high requirements for security -- be it facility or information security," said Arturo Quintero, Chief Corporate Strategist of Moravia Worldwide. "The new center provides for a unique degree of security in our industry, and will help set Moravia Worldwide further apart from other providers in this respect," added Mr. Quintero.

Later in the year, the company will hold an official ceremony, which will include a number of invited guests and speakers, to celebrate the opening of this state of the art facility -- a milestone not only for Moravia Worldwide, but also for the city and the community.