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Moravia Worldwide to Hold Translatability Seminar Open Workshop

RWS Moravia

Tuesday, 15 November, 2005

Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, is pleased to offer a one-day public Translatability Seminar, to be held in Sunnyvale, California. Scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2005, this full-day seminar will provide business writers, engineers and managers with new insights and a practical set of tools and strategies to help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of localization projects.

Presented by translatability specialist Leif Sonstenes, the seminar will consist of four 1.5-hour modules focusing on localization project overview, internationalization/localization issues and writing best practices (two modules).

Attendees will learn how to improve the quality of English source documents, which will save time and money on every future translation project, and how best to write translatable source documents, taking advantage of industry best practices. They will also take away an appreciation of the "big picture" and how to streamline localization processes to reduce the stress, cost, and time of localization projects.

Seminar fees are US$250 per participant and fees include presentation materials, workbooks, handout materials as well as lunch.

For more details, including a complete syllabus of the Translatability Seminar Open Workshop, or to register, please visit www.moraviaworldwide.com/translatability.

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