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Moravia Worldwide a Founding Member of TAUS Data Association (TDA)

RWS Moravia

Wednesday, 2 July, 2008

Support for the New Industry Association for Sharing Language Data

Brno, Czech Republic (July 3, 2008) - Moravia Worldwide is pleased to announce it has become one of the Founding Members of the TAUS Data Association (TDA), and will actively support the association's mission to enable the sharing of language data. Incorporated by 40 translation industry client and supplier organizations on June 30, 2008, the main aim of this non-profit organization is to establish a structured platform for hosting translation memories (TM) and glossaries in all languages. These will be freely accessible, enabling increased translation efficiency and overall improvement of translation quality.

Members of the association will be able to select and pool data, with the extra benefit of using this clean and trusted data as an input to Machine Translation (MT) and advanced leveraging processes, helping to further increase translation productivity. With its in-context terminology search, the platform will also enable members to reduce the cost of terminology management and tools.

As a member of the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS), Moravia Worldwide has actively participated in the group's efforts to optimize technological advances such as Statistical Machine Translation and translation automation in general. For successful application of translation automation technologies, a large set of trustworthy data available in a wide range of industry domains and language pairs is essential. TAUS members realize that there is mutual benefit in companies sharing language data, and Moravia has supported the group's efforts ever since the vision for a data sharing initiative was established in March 2007.

"Most of the client companies that are Founding Members of the TDA are Moravia's customers, and by supporting TDA since the very start, we make sure we can effectively assist our clients make practical use of this shared platform," commented Véronique Ozkaya, Moravia's Chief Sales Officer. "Even our clients that are not members of TDA themselves will still be able to benefit from this industry co-operative platform through Moravia's membership."

"At Moravia we actively work with a number of progressive companies that have strategies in place to get the most of machine translation. In many cases, the lack of large volumes of legacy content that can be used to train the MT engine has meant the maximum benefit was hard to achieve," added Arturo Quintero, Moravia's Chief Corporate Strategist. "With TDA as the new platform for sharing industry data, the training and customization of machine translation systems is set to reach a new level, helping to create new opportunities for our clients."

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