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Moravia Worldwide Forms Process Optimization Practice

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Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

Major Extension of Professional Services for Designing and Improving Localization Processes

Brno, Czech Republic (June 3, 2008) - Moravia Worldwide is pleased to announce the establishment of the Moravia Process Optimization Practice. This practice is composed of Moravia's senior localization professionals and extends the company's existing provision of dedicated services for design and improvement of localization process.

This step is designed to consolidate the growing demand and extent of consultancy services the company is providing, which are designed to help optimize processes that multilingual content undergoes throughout its complete lifecycle, and to develop and implement translation and localization best practices.

Clients producing multilingual content are under constant pressure to reduce time-to-market and the total cost of translated content. New tools and technologies often help but cannot alone bring clear benefits and return on investment unless deployed together with sound processes. Much efficiency can be obtained from optimizing existing processes or designing new ones to address challenges related to new technologies or formats. In many cases, the tools and technologies already in place are significantly underutilized, and major productivity gains can be achieved simply by redesigning processes.

The mission of Moravia's Process Optimization Practice is to address language technology challenges and help clients establish translation and localization best practices, related especially to the complete multilingual process ranging from authoring, to translation, to publishing. Moravia helps improve processes by consulting on the efficient utilization of the varied technologies that exist to manage content (such as single-source CMS) and by helping with migration to XML-centric processes (using XLIFF, DocBook, DITA, or OpenDocument), with the aim to increase efficiency and achieve overall cost savings.

"Inevitably, this is a very customer-specific service; there is just no one-size-fits-all solution," commented Véronique Ozkaya, Moravia's Chief Sales Officer. "Our global practice team has professionals with a deep production and technology experience, giving our clients an unbiased 360-degree perspective. This objective and professional consultancy is what our clients have come to expect from Moravia."

Moravia's process optimization teams work to identify relevant solutions and help with the evaluation and selection of specific translation technologies and tools such as Globalization Management systems (GMS), Translation Management systems (TMS) and Machine Translation. Significant cost and time-to-market reductions are often achieved by optimizing the complete globalization workflow and through optimum integration of related activities - internationalization, translation, testing, and engineering. Practically, this service includes consulting, translation process analysis and design, development of custom translation workflows and provision of customized process- and technology-related seminars.

Moravia is uniquely positioned to provide this service because the company's strategy is not based on selling any of its own technologies or on any exclusive partnerships with technology providers. Moravia has deep expertise in a broad range of open standards and third-party technologies and can leverage this in working with clients to establish the best processes to meet their needs.

"We are here to help unleash the full potential of tools and to assist with business case analysis to determine if the purchase of a particular technology will really solve a need," said David Filip, the Head of Moravia Process Optimization Task Force.

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