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Moravia Worldwide Extends Its Life Sciences Practice

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Thursday, 5 February, 2009

Brno, Czech Republic (February 5, 2009) - Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, announced today an extension of its dedicated Life Sciences Practice and appointment of Mr. Richard Chin as Moravia Life Sciences Practice Lead. This dedicated practice helps medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies reach local markets by providing language and translation services that support their efforts from clinical trial stages to post approval product launch.

This extension of the Life Sciences Practice is a direct result of the consistent double-digit growth rates since services were offered within this sector in 2002 and puts it on the same footing with Moravia's dedicated software localization, testing and engineering units. It also reflects the recognized future potential of this sector, as many of Moravia's current Life Sciences customers generate significant portions of their annual revenues from overseas markets - frequently more than 50% - and this proportion is on the increase.

This step is designed to accelerate the development of new specialized Life Sciences solutions, and be the platform for the cross-functional integration of the many functions at Moravia that are critical for the successful provision of these professional services. This encompasses dedicated production teams, Life Sciences production processes, and the specific QA resources and methodologies required to serve the sector. The Moravia Life Science Practice will also maintain a special focus on business partner management, Moravia's development of and relations with the wide range of in-country professionals and Life Sciences practitioners, and the widening of the company's In-country Review process (ICR) infrastructure.

Importantly, with some 13,400 disease diagnosis possibilities in existence today, this extension will provide for an expansion of expertise in the subject matter areas and therapies for which Moravia has full-scale localization solutions, to keep pace with the rapid development in the clinical research area.

One area where Moravia has developed a unique position is in providing language and translation solutions for the growing number of emerging languages and markets. These not only constitute a substantial part of Life Sciences companies' total revenues, but also represent a major growth potential, and these emerging regions are increasingly becoming the place for conducting clinical trials. Moravia's Life Sciences Practice will now continue in up-scaling solutions for the approval processes and clinical trials in emerging regions like Latin America, Central Europe and Asia. This reflects the fact that today, some 40% of patients participating in clinical trials may come from these regions - thanks to their growing urban populations; requirements for trials with drug-naive populations; or, with populations reflecting the kinds of healthcare "lifestyle" diseases of North America or Europe.

Mr. Richard Chin, Moravia's newly appointed Life Sciences Practice Lead, based in Moravia's California office, is a long-term Life Sciences professional, with extensive strategic and business development experience working in the areas of regulatory submission, partnerships with top ten biopharmaceutical companies, product launches and new territory expansions. With an MBA in Marketing and a BA in Biology, Mr. Chin is a regular speaker at industry events, tradeshows and is member of industry associations including DIA, RAPS and ACRP.

"Today, with increasing global regulatory, public and economic pressures, Life Sciences companies are proactively building internationalization strategies in their business plans," commented Chin. "Thanks to the reputation in the Life Sciences sectors Moravia has built over the years, we are uniquely positioned to help Life Sciences organizations get the most of their investments in research, development and marketing in global markets. We look forward to developing and growing our dedicated practice further, including the continuing extension of our global Life Sciences Practice team as well as developing new specialized solutions for our Life Sciences clients."

"Patents provide for only a limited window of opportunity for Life Sciences companies, and so efficient management of international regulatory compliance is one of the most critical aspects for these organizations to deal with," added Katerina Janku, the CEO of Moravia Worldwide. "We are proud of the role we have played to date in helping our clients succeed internationally, and the recent extension of our practice is set to give them new options and opportunities to excel in this capability."

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