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Moravia Worldwide Expands Language Quality Services (MLQS)

RWS Moravia

Thursday, 5 April, 2007

Major Expansion of Language Coverage and Subject Matter Expertise

Brno, Czech Republic -- Moravia Worldwide announced today a significant expansion of Moravia Language Quality Services (MLQS), which includes increasing the number of languages fully supported to over 30, and an addition of new specialist subject matter expertise to manage these services. These standalone services are provided as independent linguistic quality assurance checks to ensure standardized quality control for translated content regardless of who provided the original translation.

MLQS services are designed to give clients confidence in the language quality of translated content and provide an independent audit or check of the quality against predefined - industry or client-defined - standards. MLQS language coverage now includes a complete set of European and major Asian languages.

As part of this solution, Moravia's separate MLQS team performs quality assurance (QA) checks on the translated content and reports on how the translated content meets established quality metrics. In addition, working closely with clients, Moravia's MLQS team helps to develop new, or analyze existing, language QA procedures that are most appropriate for client-specific needs. With senior linguistic experts onboard, Moravia's MLQS team is also able to analyze the root cause of quality issues identified in previously-released products and to suggest a customized QA process for clients.

The current evolving translation environment increasingly features more advanced approaches to content recycling between versions and between individual components; the use of various machine translation methodologies and types of subsequent post-editing; as well as the use of new translation tools and systems. The MLQS integrated approach helps to ensure clients' products and documentation reach their end-customers at the same level of linguistic quality regardless of the target language or complexity of the translation process.

"In today's environment, quality is a must. At the same, checks and balances need to be in place to ensure the required level of language quality is achieved, regardless of who provided it or what process was used," commented Ms. Katerina Forstingerova, CEO of Moravia Worldwide. "Our independent MLQS process helps companies do just that. Some companies outsource language quality assurance because of the high volume, others because their requirements are not ongoing and hence do not call for in-house staff. Some companies opt for a mixed model. In all scenarios, our independent MLQS team gives our clients the confidence they can control linguistic quality effectively and as a managed process."