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Moravia Worldwide and Asia Online Announce Partnership

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Monday, 19 October, 2009

Moravia Worldwide is Asia Online “Center of Excellence” for Machine Translation Services

Brno, Czech Republic (October 19, 2009) – Moravia Worldwide, a leading globalization solution provider, and Asia Online, a leader in automated machine translation technology, announced today the formation of a partnership designed to provide Moravia's clients with value-added automated translation solutions based on Asia Online's Language StudioTM platform. As part of the partnership, Moravia was designated a "Center of Excellence" for provision of the Asia Online statistical machine translation (SMT) platform and services.

The partnership combines Asia Online's innovative translation technology, covering hundreds of language pairs, with Moravia's expertise in solution development, project management, corpus management, language quality systems, workflow, and post-editing. The two companies will team up to serve customers with high-volume translation needs across a range of quality requirements and areas of specialization. The partnership carries through on Moravia's commitment to provide a wide range of language solutions tailored to its clients' needs.

Moravia Worldwide boasts significant expertise in a wide range of technologies supporting global content management, including translation management systems (TMS), translation automation and workflow solutions. The company has conducted research and invested in the use of machine translation over the past few years, establishing expertise with several different machine translation (MT) technologies. The partnership announced today augments Moravia's current suite of services related to machine translation, including post-editing and machine translation evaluation and deployment. The company has successfully worked with a number of global technology leaders providing consultation and solution development services.

"I am excited to be taking this next big step into the realm of translation automation," said Arturo Quintero, Chief Corporate Strategist at Moravia Worldwide. "As we have been developing our own MT capabilities, we have seen Asia Online rapidly emerging as a leader in statistical machine translation technologies. Together with Moravia's technical and linguistic expertise, we will be able to serve clients who need large volumes of content translated, or, who have content that wouldn't otherwise be translated.”

The partnership provides Moravia Worldwide with preferred access to the entire Asia Online Language StudioTM platform suite, including Language StudioTM Enterprise (the core translation server platform), Language StudioTM Pro (SMT data analysis and preparation, project management, translation workflow), Language StudioTM Post Edit (integrated quality control and post-editing workflow) and Language StudioTM Power Train (translation engine customization), as well as APIs that allow Moravia to integrate the Language StudioTM platform into its clients' existing systems. Moravia will also contribute to the ongoing development of Asia Online’s platform by providing recommendations for feature and functionality improvements, feedback regarding productivity tools and testing of pre-release versions.

Client solutions can be configured to operate with Asia Online’s Language StudioTM Enterprise translation engines hosted at Moravia, or by the client, or alternatively as software as a service (SaaS). Furthermore, Moravia will be able to help clients quickly and economically build translation engines using Asia Online's Language StudioTM PowerTrain solution, and assist them in maximizing translation throughput and quality control with integrated post-editing tools.

Mr. Kirti Vashee, Enterprise Translation Sales at Asia Online, believes the new partnership will provide significant benefits for clients with specialized, bulk translation needs. "Moravia has a well deserved reputation of providing excellent processes and quality control for clients with sophisticated translation needs. They are the perfect partner for helping organizations take advantage of the Language StudioTM suite of products to create high-quality automated translation engines for very specific needs," said Mr. Vashee.

"Building a cost-effective and high quality engine requires the linguistic skills that Moravia brings to the table, proven procedures and methodologies that are embedded within the Language Studio platform, and tools to automate the cleaning and preparation of data. Moravia will be able to guide its clients through the entire customization process."

One of the most significant benefits of Language Studio™ Enterprise is its ability to extend the reach of translation services. Common Sense Advisory, a leading translation market research firm, claims that just 0.5% of what could be translated is being translated. This un-translated content includes patents, self-service knowledge bases, community support forums, academic research, research reports, corporate information, and client communications. Because these valuable sources of information often amount to many millions of words, they are only partially localized due to the costs and time required. By utilizing Language Studio™ Enterprise to rapidly generate raw translations and then Asia Online’s workflow and post editing tools to manage quality, organizations can take on much larger and inherently more complex projects that were previously out of reach.

About Moravia Worldwide
Moravia Worldwide is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, and life sciences industries to succeed in global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia's solutions include localization and product testing services, internationalization, multilingual publishing, technical translation and content creation. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Argentina, Ireland, USA and throughout Europe. To learn more, please visit www.moraviaworldwide.com.

About Asia Online
Asia Online's unique services enable people to transcend language as a barrier to knowledge by providing unrivalled access to the limitless store of English-language content on the Internet, in their language of choice.

Asia Online's primary focus delivers huge amounts of content in local languages. In doing so it has created a core technological infrastructure that enables massive translation projects to be undertaken. Asia Online is working with language service providers and publishers with its unique infrastructure that facilitates the ongoing evolution of real time corrective improvements aimed at delivering machine translation quality second to none.

Formed in 2007, Asia Online is a privately owned company backed by a number of individual investors and institutional venture capital. Its headquarters are in Singapore, with operational headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, where it conducts R&D and daily business operations.