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Microsoft recognizes Jonckers and LCJ as 2007 Service Vendor of the Year

Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

Portland, Oregon -- Microsoft has selected LCJ from over 15,000 Microsoft vendors worldwide to receive the 2007 Microsoft Excellence Award for Service. Jonckers, a founding member of localization group LCJ, received the news of the award from Tim McBride, general manager and chief procurement officer at Microsoft. The award represents a first for the localization industry due to the fact that it is the first time ever a localization vendor has been selected to receive such significant recognition from Microsoft.

The award was made in reflection of the effort and support provided by Jonckers and LCJ during the Microsoft Vista localization project. The official Microsoft release provides the specific reasons for the award as "flexible scheduling and resource management" combined with a "longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction".

Microsoft linked LCJ's exceptional service to the successful global launch of Vista. Despite massive unplanned content demands, LCJ was able to maintain the original time to market schedule for all 11 locals assigned to them, ensuring an on time realization of revenue and no waste within the massive marketing and support planning around the releases.

Marc Jonckers, founder and Chief Corporate Strategist for both LCJ and Jonckers, stated "Ensuring Microsoft could simultaneously release Vista globally is a huge responsibility with simply massive brand and revenue implications. We have been extremely happy to play our part within a brilliant overall team. To be singled out and recognized for our role in this success is extremely gratifying because it is a first for the localization industry in general. Where we can rise above the tactical complexity of the challenges we face and focus on the real business demands of our clients we can add true business value. This award represents the tangible proof of this belief."

About Jonckers
Jonckers, Client Side News voted, Localization Provider of the Year 2006, is focused on delivering software, eLearning and multimedia localization services to the world's best companies. Jonckers achieves localization excellence through an ERP controlled global network of wholly owned offices spanning Asia, Europe and the US allowing Jonckers to deliver low cost global resources without sacrificing quality.


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