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E.g., 07/16/2020

Memsource Releases Version 3 of Mobile App

Now includes first comprehensive mobile CAT tool - Memsource Editor for Mobile


Tuesday, 16 July, 2019

Memsource has released a new version of the Memsource Mobile app. This major update includes the launch of a comprehensive translation tool - Memsource Editor for Mobile, the first CAT tool available in a mobile app. 

Now, with Memsource Mobile, not only can users manage and accept jobs on the go, they can also translate on the move.  

The core functionality for project managers (PMs) has stayed the same in this release. PMs can still create projects (also using templates) and upload jobs, view progress dashboards, receive instant push notifications when translation milestones are met, and attach term bases and translation memories. 

Linguists also still receive instant push notifications to accept or decline jobs, they can see an overview of their translation jobs, and easily switch between different client accounts. 

In addition, now both PMs and linguists can carry out segment-by-segment translations or reviews, using all the CAT pane translation resources they normally would, including matches from term bases and translation memories, and machine translation suggestions, all from within the app. 

Memsource Editor for Mobile was developed with two main use cases in mind; the first is that it enables users to quickly and flexibly translate urgent shorter jobs, the second is that users can review/post-edit jobs without the need for a laptop or PC. 

“Memsource has always been about providing flexible, user-friendly, and innovative solutions, said Memsource Founder and CEO, David Canek. “When TMS servers were the norm, we built in the cloud, and now at a time when Desktop or Web CAT tools are most common, we have built the Memsource Editor for Mobile. We are always striving to help our customers reach new localization heights.” 

The new version of Memsource Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play. Find out more about Memsource Mobile.