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Memsource Releases Home Page Analytics Dashboards

Track over 400 metrics related to translation and localization


Wednesday, 1 March, 2017

Memsource, the leading cloud-based translation management platform, has announced a new set of dashboards featuring over 400 localization statistics and metrics for analyzing jobs, costs, savings, and more.

The new home page analytics dashboards in Memsource Cloud are available for users of Team, Ultimate, Biz Start, Biz Team, and Unlimited editions. They allow users to have an overview of their jobs and processes and to receive in-depth analysis of over 400 localization statistics as they log into their Cloud account.

With the metrics, translation agencies and corporate translation departments have an overview of numerous elements of the localization process including current projects’ status, productivity and costs, and savings from machine translation and translation memory. The dashboards can be easily arranged and resized based on preferences and users can select options and time periods to create customized reports.

Improved Financial Reporting

Dashboards with revenue-based data will give project managers and translation managers further insight into their costs and ROI for localization, as well as benchmark best practices.

Available dashboards to showcase financial reporting include:

  • Costs and Savings - overview of costs in selected price list currencies and various cost breakdowns per language pairing, client, project, provider, and Automation Widget.

  • Leverage - savings from translation memory and machine translation, broken down by date created, language pair, client, matches, repetitions, and more.

  • Machine Translation - savings from different Machine Translations connected to your account.

For more information about the Home Page Analytics Dashboards, please visit the Memsource blog.

Memsource is an API-enabled translation environment that supports over 50 file formats. The cloud-based platform includes translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, quality assurance, real-time reporting, and analytics, in addition to a web-based and desktop translator's workbench. Some of the world's leading translation buyers and providers use Memsource for their mission-critical projects. In total, more than 180,000 Memsource users translate over 2 billion words every month. Memsource offers powerful features, yet is lightweight, intuitive, and fast.