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E.g., 03/31/2020

Memsource API for All Memsource Cloud Customers

Translation technology provider Memsource extends its API functionality to all Memsource customers.


Wednesday, 9 March, 2016

Memsource provides a powerful public API that offers programmatic access to all major Memsource components, among others translation memory, file conversion, project management, workflow, quality assurance, spellchecker, term base, user management. Almost all of Memsource Cloud functionality is covered by the public Memsource API.

The API makes it possible to integrate Memsource with 3rd-party applications. Developers can sign up for a free Developer account and start coding their integration using Memsource APIs right away. The API documentation is available online.

Previously, Memsource API was only available to subscribers of the Ultimate and BIZ Ultimate editions. Following the latest 5.4. upgrade, Memsource is now extending its API support to all of its customers (excluding the free Personal edition).

Subscribers to the Ultimate and BIZ Ultimate editions will continue to enjoy unlimited API calls, while all other editions will offer full API functionality but with a daily limit on the number of API calls.

David Čaněk, Memsource’s CEO: “Memsource usage surged in 2015 with quarterly volumes exceeding 1 billion words. A large portion of these volumes were processed by Memsource API. A number of our customers, such as Moravia, Semantix, and Gengo have chosen Memsource precisely because of its robust API. I am excited to be able to announce the extension of the Memsource API to all of our customers as of today.”