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Member Pulse Survey Results

By: Laura Brandon (GALA)

02 December 2008

Our latest member survey asked members about their marketing activities, the impact of the current economic climate and their overall satisfaction with GALA.

GALA surveys its membership regularly to gather data that are both interesting and relevant to the membership and to the industry as a whole.  The latest edition of our survey, the third we have conducted this year, was divided into four sections:  member demographics, the impact of the economic climate on member companies, member marketing activities, and, finally, membership satisfaction.  The survey was open during three weeks in November.

A total of 114 member companies provided responses to the survey, which equates to 40 percent participation.  We received responses from representatives in 38 of the 47 countries where GALA has member companies.  By country, the highest number of responses came from member companies headquartered in the United States (11%), followed by Germany (8%), Spain (7%), China (6%) and Argentina (5%).  By region, the majority of respondents (59%) came from Europe. 

When asked whether their business has been directly impacted by the current global financial crisis, the respondents were split, with 45 percent saying they were affected, and 55 percent saying they have not been affected to date.  However, regional results show that members from companies in North and South America have seen a greater impact to their businesses. The survey also included questions about members' recent experiences in trying to raise capital and whether they have noticed a difference in the demand for their services or tools attributable to the financial crisis.

Not surprisingly, member companies are hearing about concerns coming from customers, particularly in the automotive, IT and financial industries.  In fact, 28 percent of respondents have had recent projects or contracts canceled due to the current situation.   A larger group (61%) anticipates an impact on demand in the next three to six months.  Additional questions included details about members' intent to reallocate resources (if at all) as well as how the crisis has affected any plans for investing in growth or expansion.

As for marketing, many members plan to stay steady or grow their efforts in the next year.  In the next year, the respondents generally plan to maintain marketing budgets at 2008 levels (45%), though a significant number (29%) will actually increase 2009 marketing budgets. Respondents elaborated on their allocations to various media - from print and online to other forms of marketing - as well as staff resources devoted to these activities.  Members also weighed in on specific industries, publications and events where they see potential for GALA to build a greater awareness of our industry among the larger business community.  We will be following up on these suggestions as we build our industry promotion efforts in 2009.

GALA also polled the membership about their satisfaction with GALA as an association and the value of membership.  Overall we received positive feedback on programs and activities, with ratings of "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" in all of the programs that we enumerated (a range of 74%-94% rated each program as "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied").  GALA programs that received particularly high ratings were GALA's webinar series, GALA's online presence (the website and GALAxy newsletter), collaboration opportunities, and GALA participation in events (group exhibits and participation in Localization World, tekom, and the Localization Certification program).  In addition, 57 percent agreed that they have gained new business or met new business partners through GALA, and 84 percent agreed that they have had opportunities to discuss industry issues with their peers.  In terms of areas for improvement, 20 percent of the respondents showed a desire for development in the areas of marketing opportunities, industry promotion and the LocalizationCAREERS.net site.   These details, as well as others published in the full survey results, provide GALA with valuable information regarding member wishes and association direction.

Thank you to all those who responded.  Look for our next survey in the coming months!

GALA members may download the survey results at this link.

Laura Brandon is the association development manager for GALA.