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Measure and improve the quality of your translations: Kilgray Translation Technologies releases memoQ 2013

memoQ Translation Technologies

Friday, 31 May, 2013

Measure and improve the quality of your translations: Kilgray Translation Technologies releases memoQ 2013


Kilgray Translation Technologies, developer of the translation solutions memoQ, memoQ server, memoQWebTrans, qTerm and Language Terminal, released memoQ 2013 and further improvements to memoQWebTrans and qTerm on 31 May, 2013.


memoQ 2013 will offer a wealth of productivity boosters for freelance translators, language service providers and enterprise customers alike.


Through Linguistic Quality Assurance, language service providers and enterprise users can measure the quality of their translations and translation vendors, whereas translation vendors can learn from and discuss the errors marked by their reviewers. The new discussions module introduces a complete query management. It replaces the current forums in memoQ, memoQWebTrans and qTerm, allows individual discussions on project-related items, and enables customers to get involved in ensuring highest quality terminology and translations. The memoQ server, qTerm and memoQWebTrans can be installed with the same installer. Creating back-ups and moving servers to other computers will also be easier. By running an edit distance analysis, server users will be able to measure the efforts of reviewers and machine translation post-editors. Smaller features include multiple comments to segments, advanced highlighting, fuzzy terminology lookup, and performance metrics.


Using Language Terminal, freelance translators – no matter whether they are using memoQ or not – can manage their translation projects in an easier way. In addition to creating real-time previews for translating Adobe InDesign files, memoQ translator pro and Language Terminal users can create quotations immediately after analyzing documents, keep track of the jobs and payments of their customers, and archive projects, quotations, files in the cloud without having a third-party tool.


Other features for freelance translators include a new productivity booster that establishes the target equivalent of words and expressions based on statistical methods – also called the translating concordance –, fuzzy lookup in term bases, automatic translation for number-only segments, an integrated web search, and many other productivity features. The new release also adds support for new file formats, including GetText PO files, the XLIFF:doc and TIPP package formats of the Interoperability Now! Initiative, and a TMX filter for enhanced management and review of translation memory contents.


More information on these concepts is available at http://kilgray.com.



About Kilgray


Kilgray Translation Technologies delivers computer-aided technologies for the translation industry. All products of Kilgray, such as memoQ, the memoQ server, qTerm, memoQWebTrans and Language Terminal, are designed to facilitate, speed-up and optimize the entire translation process.


The networked translation solutions of Kilgray are team-oriented and scalable for use by small translation teams as well as large enterprises.