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Lucy Experts in the press and in public in 2016 - looking back

Lucysoftware is looking back on a successful year 2016

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Thursday, 26 January, 2017

Juan Alonso mentioned in Slator Newsletter on Neural Machine Translation

In the Slator Newsletter on the "rise of neural machine translation" Lucy expert Juan Alonso was quoted as one of the leading MT experts on the new Google Neural Translate:

"Juan Alonso of Lucy says that “if the results in the paper are true—and there is no reason to doubt they are not—the MT quality achieved is really impressive. Of course, we are still talking about a paper that presents preliminary results based on a set of 500 sentences for a limited set of language-pairs for which large volumes of training data exist, and with a relatively weak morphology, especially Chinese and English."

“The comment on the impressive quality, therefore, only refers to what is claimed in the paper and is not a general comment on the potential true quality of the MT system,” says Alonso.
He adds, “Looking broadly at the acceptance of MT in the real world, the main current complaints from MT users are: no terminology consistency, no deterministic output, word omissions, over-generation, and no on-site solution (i.e., due to high hardware requirements). The key question is: Will this new approach address and overcome these type of issues? This remains to be seen with real-life texts.”"

You will find the whole newsletter article here: https://slator.com/technology/hyperbolic-experts-weigh-in-on-google-neur...

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz) mentioned Lucy Software in an article on a hybrid machine translation approach

„German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz) publishes an article on a hybrid machine translation approach. The rule-based system of Lucy Software and Services is part of the experiment and did a good job.

The short paper includes a description of the individual components and the hybridization mechanism, a detailed manual evaluation of systematic errors, as well as conclusions and ideas for further approaches.

On Lucy Software and Services it says:
„The rule-based system Lucy (Alonso and Thurmair, 2003) is also part of our experiment, due to its state-of-the-art performance in the previous years.“

You can read the PDF here: https://www.dfki.de/web/forschung/publikationen?pubid=8594

Harald Elsen, Lucy’s Executive Director Language Technology Solutions, was mentioned in the article "Make Translation Great Again"

Harald Elsen, Lucy’s Executive Director Language Technology Solutions, who read a paper at the BDÜ conference "Maschinelle Übersetzung und Post-Editing", was mentioned in Alexander Heyne's article "Make Translation Great Again" in: MDÜ 6/2016, page 38-42.

This is the link to the magazine:http://www.bdue.de/der-bdue/leistungen/mdue/

Daniel Grasmick had a lecture at Heidelberg University

Daniel Grasmick, CEO of Lucy Software and Services GmbH, presented a paper in the lecture series "Professionalisierung des Übersetzens zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis" at the Institute for Translation and Interpreting of the University of Heidelberg. In November 2016 he presented together with Jörg Porsiel (VW) his paper: "Maschinelle Übersetzung im Fremdsprachenmanagement ‐ Grundlagen und praktischer Einsatz bei der Volkswagen AG"

You will find a list of the lectures here: http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/md/sued/aktuelles/ringvorlesung_programm_ws...

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