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LSGB Barcelona Sets Future Direction for Standards

Monday, 26 June, 2006

San Diego, California, USA -- The Language Standards for Global Business© conference that took place in Barcelona, Spain on May 29-30 was arranged to build upon the momentum initiated by the 1st LSGB© conference that was held in Berlin, Germany in December of 2005. That conference bears the distinction of being the 1st non-commercial (i.e. corporate sponsorship or exhibiting was not permitted) global standards conference ever held. The non-commercial nature of the conference was a welcome and refreshing change for a standards community seeking relevant content. The Barcelona conference retained the non-commercial character of the Berlin conference.

Since matters of localization/globalization are at the forefront of LSGB© discussions, it was apt that the Barcelona conference was held just preceding the Localization World conference. Attendees discussed a variety of pressing standards issues, including; the role of standardization in a market economy, the limitations of standards in the context of new technology, the relationship between standards bodies and their constituencies, quality standards for translation, the need for language standards in various industries, and other topics that shape the future of the industry.

All topics were addressed by the leading industry and academic experts of modern language standards. On the industry side, featured presenters and moderators included Tex Texin and Addison Phillips, Internationalization Architects for Yahoo! Inc., Bettina Reichart, Senior Manager of Oracle Corp., Germany’s Language Solutions Department, and Donald A. DePalma, President of a leading corporate strategy firm, Common Sense Advisory, Inc., among other top industry executives. On the academic side, notables included Sue Ellen Wright, Professor, Kent State University’s Institute for Applied Linguistics, Gerhard Budin, Chair of the ISO Technical Committee (who is also a professor at the University of Vienna), and Alan Melby, the Director of Brigham Young University’s Translation Research Group.

The conference featured the latest thinking from current standards experts. As Addison Phillips (Internationalization Architect, Yahoo! Inc.) stated after the conference:

"The LSGB conference was an invaluable opportunity to rub shoulders--to sit down with some of the most senior minds in our industry, be they service providers, academics, or language consumers, and discuss issues and ideas frankly. Such opportunities to really explore knotty problems or to share solutions and future directions are rare indeed, and my participation changed me and my perceptions. When was the last time I could say that?"

Plans are already underway for a 3rd LSGB© conference in Vienna, Austria. The Vienna Conference promises to continue the work in progress of the past two events.. Details will be publicized shortly.

Language Standards for Global Business© Barcelona Committee:
Donald A. DePalma , Chair, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.
Hans Fenstermacher, ArchiText®
Kim Harris, text & form
Alan K. Melby, Brighham Young University
Felix Sasaki , W3C/Keio University
Alfredo Spagna, Arancho Nordic Oy
Tex Texin, Yahoo! Inc.
Sue Ellen Wright, Institute for Applied Linguistics, Kent State University

About The Language Standards for Global Business© Summit
The Summit provides a forum for experts from standards organizations and user communities to sort through the many new standards and contrast requirements, and rank their effectiveness. Attendees benefit from the analysis, and apply it to the selection and employment of products and services used in their organizations. Those involved in developing standards will attain a better understanding of the community needs and applications.

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