E.g., 07/14/2020
E.g., 07/14/2020

Looking at Simultaneous Interpreting from Different Angles: The Battle of Interpreters and Customers

Janus Worldwide

Monday, 10 February, 2020

Janus Worldwide kicked off January 2020 by getting involved in the 3rd Global Dialogue International Forum of Conference Interpreters in Moscow for the very first time! High-quality interpreting is a key to the success of every international event. Everyone knows it, but results do not always match expectations. How can the desired result be achieved and the interests of all participants in the process be met? We study success and get the answers to some tricky questions together with Mrs. Anna Ivshina, Business Development Director at Janus Worldwide.

The 3rdGlobal Dialogue International Forum of Conference Interpreters is one of the largest annual events focusing on interpreting trends for the translation and localization communities.

This year, more than a thousand participants attended the conference, which became a meeting place for language industry experts, including a wide range of professionals: linguists, professional interpreters, representatives of educational institutions and translation agencies, talented young people, and leading LSP experts.

Global Dialogue featured a series of round tables, training workshops and sessions with invited expert speakers, covering key topics including translation services as the most significant service, improving interpreting skills with the issue of a certificate demonstrating compliance with federal standards and improving the value of the interpreter in the eyes of customers.

Janus Worldwide is the global leader in translation and localization solutions and one of the largest language service providers in Central Europe. An industry-specific in-house and external pool of linguistic experts translates, localizes and offers multilingual testing in over 100 different languages. Therefore, Janus was one of the great opportunities to get a lot of exposure from the translation society at large. Particularly, for the topics, related to cooperation with international customers, Business Process Outsource ring and event management.

Anna Ivshina, Business Development Director, contributed to a round table on simultaneous interpreting. “Automating the system of interpreter requirements and ratings is a core area of expertise for us. We place special emphasis on improving the value our customers place on interpreters and on ensuring comfortable working conditions for interpreters,” said Anna. “I was delighted to share our business practices and expertise with our language community peers and I have no doubt that Global Dialogue is a great platform for sharing expert opinions and visions on new linguistic trends, for talking about growth strategies and the latest tech news, and for expanding professional networks!”