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Locatech, CrossGap and Jonckers Announce Merge

Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Tuesday, 9 December, 2008

BRUSSELS, Belgium (December 9) - After a decade of successful economic partnership, Locatech and CrossGap will merge into Jonckers Translation & Engineering. The three companies are the founding members of LCJ EEIG, a Microsoft Premier Vendor.

In a joint statement, Matthias Caesar, General Manager of Locatech, Michaela Schmelzer, Chief Executive Officer of CrossGap, and Marc Jonckers, founder and President of Jonckers, said: "The business opportunities opened up by our combined growth make the timing perfect for formal consolidation of the group's offerings. Building on our long history of working together in an economic partnership, we can take advantage of exponentially greater capital and investment opportunities as a single entity. Our customers will benefit
from wider geographic coverage and deeper technological innovation. This merger is the logical next step for our companies, whose ultimate goal is to help our customers better achieve their international business objectives: today and tomorrow."

Jean-Claude Bodart, CEO of the group, commented: "This is the culmination of a huge effort from our partner organizations, who are working together as a synchronous entity with a single unified vision. Our combined scale and global footprint provide us with the business-critical resources and depth to meet the emerging demands of our industry. We are perfectly positioned to support the long tail of language demands that will bring the next generation of potential clients into our customer base."

Matthias Caesar continued, "Keeping the internal network of the group well-oiled and smoothly running for the past ten years has been a valuable and exciting experience. With this proven foundation, we can take the partnershipt o the next level: unified growth without the constraints of being separatecompanies."

Michaela Schmelzer added, "As companies increasingly must reach well beyond their own borders to succeed, our combined entity is strongly positioned to help them surmount the language and cultural barriers. We offer
wide in-country geographical reach along with deep and broad technical capabilities."

Marc Jonckers observed, "Creating meaningful scale and global reach through the formal merger of the partnership that has thrived for almost a decade between our companies is a far more effective strategy than dragging several ideologically disparate companies together through acquisition. Our teams already know each other well. We share consistent workflow and quality processes that have been tested and optimized for almost ten years. This merger is about good business sense and a fantastic business opportunity!"

About Locatech GmbH:
Locatech GmbH helps leading companies adapt their technically sophisticated products, websites, and e-commerce solutions into other languages. The company has built a worldwide team of specialists over 15 years with deep competency in the fields of software, information technology, heavy equipment manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering. Locatech is a founding member of LCJ EEIG. For more information, visit

About CrossGap:
Serving global leaders in the Information Technology sector and in diverse vertical industries, CrossGap provides essential support to companies attempting to establish worldwide markets for their products. The company does so since 1990 by adopting its customers' business objectives as its own and striving for their achievement through open partnership. CrossGap is a founding member of LCJ EEIG and 2007 Microsoft Service Vendor of the Year as part of LCJ. For more information please visit http://www.crossgap.com.

About Jonckers:
Jonckers Translation and Engineering -- 2007 Microsoft Service Vendor of the Year as part of localization group LCJ -- delivers software, eLearning and multimedia localization services to the world's leading companies. Jonckers achieves cost-competitive localization excellence through an ERP-controlled global network of wholly owned offices spanning Asia, Europe and North America. For more information, visit http://www.jonckers.com.

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