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E.g., 04/05/2020

LocalizationGuy and Franke Coffee Systems Share Secrets of Strong Vendor/Client Relationships at tekom/TCWorld 13

LocalizationGuy, LLC

Tuesday, 5 November, 2013

WIESBADEN, GermanyLocalizationGuy president Aki Ito will serve on a panel at tekom/TCWorld 13, scheduled for 9:45, Thursday, November 7, at Wiesbaden's Rhein-Main-Hallen. Ito will discuss "The Rules of Engagement" for fostering fruitful client-vendor partnerships between companies and translation/localization providers.  Click here for more information.

Also serving on the panel is Robin Franke, technical product communication specialist at Franke Coffee Systems. Ito and Franke will discuss the roles each side plays and the ideal qualities of a productive partnership, including leveraging the strengths of both participants, setting expectations, and working toward common goals.

LocalizationGuy, LLC, is a consultancy led by Aki Ito, a 20-year localization industry veteran and former chairman of the Globalization and Localization Association. LocalizationGuy helps purchasers of language services select and implement optimized localization teams, processes and technologies. LocalizationGuy helps providers of language services create sound business strategies, expand sales and launch strategic marketing efforts.