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Localization Star Vistatec Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Tuesday, 3 July, 2007

Dublin, Ireland -- Leading Irish localization company Vistatec has today celebrated its 10th anniversary. Founded with 5 employees, the company now employs 105 and provides services to clients globally including some of the world's leading technology companies from its Dublin base.

In July 1997, Bowne Global Solutions acquired GECAP Dublin. The Management Team of GECAP decided to strike out on their own and launched a new company with the vision of building a client-centric localization organization with a true long-term commitment to its clients. And so Vistatec Ltd. was founded 10 years ago today.

Vistatec is now looking back with pride at a decade gone by. The vision has now manifested itself in a successful business model with a track record of unbroken profitability. VistaTEC has been able to grow organically with an unwavering client focus; its largest clients have been retained for over 5 years and some, since the company opened its doors. Vistatec has garnered several awards as "Vendor of the Year" and has earned coveted Service and Supplier Certifications.

The vision to provide clients with scalable, tailored localization solutions coupled with Vistatec's strong technical backbone creates the foundation for collaboration with clients and partners alike. Our ability to map our clients' processes to commercial tools that add value and efficiency through intelligent systems integration has earned Vistatec Gold and Platinum memberships in various localization service provider programs established by localization tools developers.

In April 2005, the Management Team finalized a leveraged MBO with an eye to further strategic goals and put a collective stamp of differentiators on the company's curriculum vitae. Process and service are the hallmarks of a great localization company and Vistatec has become a leader in process optimization.

The management buyout in 2005 was and is the only flirtation with mergers and acquisitions. Vistatec is neither looking to sell nor to buy. As one of the leading privately held localization companies, Vistatec is one of very few to be entirely owned and run by its management team - and only answers to its clients.

CEO Thomas Murray comments: "The last 10 years have seen a lot of change in this industry, not least, a lot of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions. I'm thrilled that we have stayed true to our original vision and remained out of the turmoil. Certainly our working model has evolved over the years and is still evolving; as our offshore production centers become increasingly active, our Dublin HQ is becoming a high, value-add "mission control" for language and production partners worldwide. Nevertheless, our core values are still intact and we have not strayed from the vision we had 10 years ago. We derive tremendous satisfaction from the realization that our business model and strategic goals still align with the company's culture!"

The anniversary is being marked by a week of fun and entertainment for the staff in the office and around Dublin - to end with a big celebratory dinner and summer party on Friday July 6th.

Because in the end, it is the phenomenal staff that has made Vistatec the company it has become.