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Localization Sales and Marketing Tips: 7 Must-See Videos

By: GALA Resources

12 June 2017

Over the years GALA has amassed dozens of webinars and conference presentations about sales and marketing that are valuable for business, professional, and translation industry development. But how do you know which to watch first?

Wonder no more! We've gathered 7 highly-rated videos that are must-sees for anyone responsible for localization sales and marketing. Hone your sales skills and find fresh ideas to expand your business. And be sure to send this list to anyone on your team who has these important responsibilities.

The 6 Immutable Laws of Selling Language Services 

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind (Inkrease) and Renato Beninatto
90 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, BDMs, Everyone

In the fragmented translation market, people buy from people. Become that attractive person the clients will want to buy from!  

Whether you are a small, medium, or mega LSP, everyone on the vendor side should watch this recording. The premise is that the ultimate differentiator in selling language services is yourself. Pricing and quality are secondary to the way the salesperson appears to the buyer, and how they solve the buyer's challenges. If you're still speaking about "your company" and "your services" at meetings, or if you're focusing on quality and price, this workshop will make you rethink your approach to doing business.

The laws themselves are straightforward and easy to remember:

  1. It’s not about you.
  2. Sales is a process.
  3. People buy from people.
  4. Know your buyer.
  5. Price and quality are secondary.
  6. Be bold, act like an expert.

Complementary law: sometimes it is okay to step away from bad business.

Sales Management 101

Adam Blau (Formerly with One Hour Translation)
110 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, BDMs, Sales Directors   

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition, target your ideal customer, and build a better sales process. 

This comprehensive workshop covers all major points necessary to build and manage a sales process in an LSP. Adam Blau's material is optimized toward owners and managers of small to medium-sized LSPs, or those that do not have the resources to hire professional sales directors. This is a great digest to learning sales and lead-generation methods from the perspective of a language services company.

  • Strategy and differentiation
  • Targeting
  • Sales funnel
  • Measuring channel effectiveness
  • Predicting future business
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Salespeople profiles
  • Compensation schemes for salespeople

Whereas Renato Beninatto's and Anne Marie's presentation discusses salesperson personality and mindset, Adam Blau's workshop speaks about organizing, developing rules, and creating a reliable system. Note: There is a glitch at 4 minutes and the presentation resumes at 11 minutes.

How We Failed to Win a 100,000,000 Word Contract...and What We Will Do Differently Next Time

Diego Bartolomé (tauyou) and Fabiano Cid (Ccaps Translation and Localization) 
30 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, Business Development Managers

Failure stories from successful people are often hilarious and this one does not disappoint! The deeper question is when to accept entrepreneurial challenges and when to step away from them.

A large publishing organization decided to enter the Brazilian market and required an initial set of 1000 books in Portuguese for the entry proposition. With millions of words of content and a very short time to market, Fabiano Cid from Ccaps proposed to machine translate books. Was it a brilliant idea or a recipe for disaster? In a three-act play that followed, the client decided to change the scope of the project, and the vendor. In the ensuing discussion, business leaders from the translation beau monde present their own views on tackling the customer's challenge. Views vary: some propose to fire Fabiano, others offer to set up a crowdsourcing platform to have masses translate books for free.

Tune into one of the most amusing GALA talks of all time!

What Your Sales Team Really Needs to Know About MT

John Tinsley (Iconic Translation Machines)
40 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, Business Development Managers

Selling machine translation alongside professional services. Questions to ask, languages to avoid, expectations to set.

Humans cannot translate everything. When facing a project with a price too low, and a speed requirement too high for professional human translations, LSPs often step away and say: "Sorry, we can't help you". Instead savvy companies propose to train machine translation engines and win business from the customer in this way. John Tinsley expertly lays down the framework for salespeople to prepare the buyer for MT and set realistic expectations about quality. According to him, MT can either augment human productivity or produce raw low-quality translations for information purposes, gisting. English, French, and Spanish engines usually work best, while Hungarian, Finnish, Basque are typically not even worth trying to train.

John offers a set of questions as ammunition for salespeople:

  • What content variety do you have?
  • Do you have TMs?
  • Do you have post-editors?

Armed with these, and with the general understanding of machine translation, business development managers will be more flexible and ready to sell client-centric solutions, rather than just translation services.

Navigate Your Way to More Revenue with Creative Account Management

Jessica Rathke (L10N Sales and Marketing)
60 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, Business Development Managers, Account Managers

Learn how to spread your client base inside large organizations, one department at a time.

Large enterprise buyers have multiple departments and divisions that require language services. As an LSP if you're working with one department, look for opportunities inside the same organization. It's slow and deliberate work to navigate corporate structures, ask for referrals, close more buyers within the account, push other vendors out and become the strategic partner in international expansion. That's daily routine for account managers.

Account managers are farmers: they build relationships, get referrals and keep an eye on events inside the client's organization. They stand ready to support mergers, new products and campaigns with language services. Jessica Rathke provides an overview of account manager's responsibilities and gives advice on developing business with a large organization. She proposes the use of power/relationship metrics to select relationships to cultivate and offers scripts for sales conversations. Some of the ideas she presents are:

  • Run in-company educational events
  • Ask for referrals at quarterly business reviews
  • Advertise language services on the company's intranet
  • Participate in company social media groups
  • Find internal advocates
  • Find services other vendors are not supplying, such as native content offering

A key account manager might be an investment for the LSP, but a dedicated person with the right process will be worth it.

Taking the "Black Magic" out of Hiring Localization
Business Development Managers

Adam Blau (Blau Consulting)
25 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: CEOs, Sales Directors

When you hire salespeople, you never know in advance if they will deliver. Or do you?

In the localization business, it normally takes 6 to 8 months for a fresh salesperson to start bringing in business. That is, if the hire was good. If you made a poor choice, your will lose close to $200 000 in salary, lost opportunities and the cost of training a replacement. Better planning at the hiring stage can reduce the exposure to risk and improve your chances of hiring the right person. In this presentation, Adam investigates the questions a CEO or a sales director can pose when hiring a sales manager and provides guidelines for better accountability.

  • What's most critical for your business: lead generation, or RFP skills?
  • Setting goals for 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • Hiring BDMs with market segment expertise.

Sales and Marketing on a Shoestring

Fabiano Cid (Ccaps Translation and Localization)
30 Minutes | Suggested Viewers: Small Company CEOs, Marketing Managers

A ready-to-use set of content marketing tools for small and medium LSPs.

While bigger companies use Salesforce as their CRM and Hubspot and Marketo for marketing, these platforms are sometimes overkill for smaller LSPs. They quickly drain the budget and offer more functionality than can be used. Instead, Fabiano presents a set of inexpensive tools that require little upfront investment:

  • Zoho CRM for managing contacts
  • Mailchimp for emails
  • Surveymonkey for customer satisfaction measurement
  • LinkedIn for prospecting
  • GoToMeeting for webinars

In guerilla-type marketing style, Fabiano proposes you take freebies from content marketing platforms (blog topics, PowerPoint templates, persona), and reuse and reformat competitor content as much as possible to keep the clients hearing from you. Most of the tricks are practical and easy to implement.