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Localization Certification Program Grows with 122 New Graduates

Friday, 13 July, 2007

Advanced Project Management Program and New Location Introduced

Seattle, WA -- Last month, California State University at Chico hosted its second comprehensive educational workshop in localization with its organizing partners, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and the Localization Institute. Sixty-six students received the localization certification offered at CSU, Chico, joining 34 others who completed the program earlier this year at its newest location in Marseille, France, and 22 additional advanced graduates that completed the program's new Project Management workshop. Overall, there was more than a 100 percent increase in participation over 2006, the program's inaugural year.

Participants included professionals from translation agencies, freelance translators, localization service vendors, experienced client companies, and companies that are new to the challenges of localizing their products. Similar to last year's program, participants began the certification with forty-five hours of online coursework on topics such as global website development, cultural adaptation of user interfaces, software internationalization and multilingual content management for global enterprises.

Participants then completed a three-day workshop on the CSU, Chico campus with modules on strategies and processes for today's industry. The workshop culminated in a certification exam. Speakers included practitioners from Starwood Hotels, Cisco Systems, Adobe and Hewlett Packard, as well as seasoned providers and buyers of localization products and services. Workshop participants also benefited from a substantial number of lab hours using major localization tools.

The Project Management certification program was new this year. It featured 30 hours of online training, a two-day workshop in Chico with guest speakers and hands on lab activities, and a certification exam.

"Not only did the program expand to Europe and introduce an entirely new project management tract, but the number of participants grew significantly. Additionally, 98 percent of the Chico attendees stated that they would recommend the program to a friend or colleague," said Daniel Carter, former GALA board member and GALA representative to the workshop advisory board. "This program is a balanced mix of theory with the practical, strategy with implementation details. It is a broad program with information on many different levels and aspects of the industry."

The certifying partners - GALA and the Localization Institute - played a key role in shaping the program as well as connecting the academic components to the larger professional community.

Primary corporate sponsors, Lionbridge and SDL, provided support for the program as well as scholarships that allowed 6 full-time CSU Chico localization students to attend. Program activity sponsors, Jonckers and across systems, offered one scholarship each. Additional support of the program was provided by MultiLingual Computing and Euromed Ecole de Management in Marseille, France.

In addition, the program included on-campus recruiting opportunities, which offered newly-trained localization professionals the chance to interview with recruiting industry companies.

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