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The Largest Spanish Translation Community on the Internet

Trusted Translations, Inc.

Saturday, 31 May, 2008

Trusted Translations, Inc., www.trustedtranslations.com, announced that English Spanish Translator Org Forums, www.english-spanish-translator.org, has become the largest community of English and Spanish translators on the Internet.

Trusted Translations, Inc., announced that their unique forums dedicated to the Spanish Translator community has reached over 11,000 users. English Spanish Translator Org is a site specifically tailored to English - Spanish translators and allows its members to interact in real time in order to resolve difficult Spanish-related translation issues and discuss topics.

This user milestone makes English Spanish Translator Org the largest forum focused on English - Spanish translation issues in the entire translation community.

"We are thrilled to see the explosive growth of the forums and the genuine benefits it has contributed to the industry," stated Trusted Translations' CEO, Richard Estevez. "We look forward to continued growth of the forums and the positive impact it will have on the translatorsĀ“ community," further noted Mr. Estevez.

English Spanish Translator Org has sparked important discussions about various areas of English / Spanish translations, including: Legal Translations, Marketing Translations, Technical Translations, Medical Translations, Financial Translations, Accounting Translations, CAT Tools, Training for Translators, Translation Issues, Translators' Issues, Other Language Translations, Useful Language Resources, Translation Organizations, Translators' Events, and many more areas.