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Language Services Associates Launches Mobile Application for the iPhone and Android Devices

Connect to a live interpreter in less than 30 seconds with INTERPRETALK® Mobile

Language Services Associates

Friday, 15 October, 2010

Horsham, Pa.Language Services Associates (LSA), a global language service provider offering a full suite of multicultural solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of INTERPRETALK® Mobile for the iPhone and Android devices. With this highly-anticipated application, mobile users will be able to connect to a live interpreter, in 15 language offerings, in less than 30 seconds. 

INTERPRETALK® Mobile will ensure effective and accurate communication for anyone trying to overcome a language barrier - a business professional conducting a meeting with a global client, a student traveling abroad for his or her studies, a family hosting a visitor with limited English speaking capabilities or an international traveler who comes across a medical situation in a foreign country.

“With the launch of INTERPRETALK® Mobile, we will be able to continue on LSA’s mission to facilitate foreign language communication and eliminate multicultural communication barriers worldwide through cutting-edge technology solutions,” said Laura K. T. Schriver, President and CEO, LSA. “We look forward to the opportunity to offer our premier telephonic interpreting service to the consumer marketplace through our new mobile application.”

All consumers need to do to access a live telephonic interpreter is download INTERPRETALK® Mobile from the iPhone App Store or Android Market, complete the online form, select a language from the list of languages that appear on the screen and click on the “Connect Interpreter” button. An interpreter will be on the line within 30 seconds. Charges for the call begin as soon as the interpreter is connected and communication has been established. Once the interpreter is on the line, the consumer has the option to either dial out to a third party or put the phone on speaker to begin the conversation. This application is available anywhere the caller has cell phone and Internet service.

For more information on LSA’s INTERPRETALK® Mobile application for the iPhone and Android devices, please visit http://mobileapps.lsaweb.com/.

About Language Services Associates

Since 1991, Language Services Associates (LSA) has been facilitating foreign language communication and eliminating multicultural communication barriers across a variety of settings and industry segments, including healthcare, government, utilities, insurance and financial services. Founded by Laura K. T. Schriver, who still holds the title of President and CEO, LSA promises to deliver innovative language-based solutions, including telephonic interpretation with real-time reporting, while consistently providing exceptional customer service support. The company has quickly become one of the fastest-growing language service providers in the world with a growth rate of 164 percent in the past three years. 

LSA is proud to offer all encompassing language and cultural services, including Interpreting by Telephone (IBT), Face-to-Face Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Translation and Localization, American Sign Language (ASL) and Intercultural Consulting. The company recently launched INTERPRETALK® Mobile, an Interpreting by Telephone (IBT) application for the iPhone and Android devices. 

For more information on LSA, please call (800) 305-9673 or visit www.lsaweb.com. You may also follow LSA on Twitter and fan LSA on Facebook.

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