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Language Insight GDPR Compliant Months Ahead of New EU Regulation’s Deadline

Language Insight

Thursday, 18 January, 2018

Lancashire-based translation company, Language Insight, are ready for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) months ahead of the 25th May deadline.

GDPR is an EU agreement that is due to go into practice this May. It will affect all companies that deal with EU citizen data, aiming to ensure all companies are using and protecting data correctly. Current data protection regulations are from the late 1990s and do not accurately reflect the ways data is now used.

Language Insight works with many sectors that deal with highly-sensitive data and documents, from healthcare and legal to financial companies and the Military Police. Language Insight protects data by design through significant assessment of identified risks and risk controls. Alongside their internationally-recognised ISO 27001 accreditation, Language Insight is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, making them GDPR compliant.

These new regulations will encourage all organisations to hold the importance of data security at the same high level as Language Insight. If a company suffers a data breach, repercussions can be severe, potentially being fined 4% of global turnover or €20 million.

GDPR compliance is not a significant change for Language Insight, but they hope that all clients will understand the need for such security measures, as they do the utmost to protect and secure data.

About Language Insight:

Language Insight was founded by Managing Director Donna Twose in 2008.  The company has undergone significant organic growth over the years to become one of the UK’s most trusted translation and language service providers.

Language Insight is a trusted linguist partner that specialises in translation, transcription and interpreting for a wide range of sectors and industries.

Find out more about GDPR and Language Insight here: https://languageinsight.com/blog/2018/gdpr-compliant-ready-are-you


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