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Lancashire’s Lord Lieutenant visits Language Insight to present Queen’s Award

Language Insight

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

Lancashire’s Lord-Lieutenant Shuttleworth has visited language services provider Language Insight’s Head Office this week to present them with their Queen’s Award For Enterprise on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen. Lord Shuttleworth was accompanied by his two Deputies, Colonel Rosie Stone DL and Mrs Helen Bingley OBE DL. The Mayor of Fylde Angela Jacques also attended the presentation.

Language Insight has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their commitment to international trade, which makes up over 49% of the company’s turnover.

Lord Shuttleworth and his Deputies were greeted at Language Insight’s HQ by Managing Director Donna Twose and Operations Director Gavin Twose. The guests were then given an exclusive overview of Language Insight and its achievements over the past decade.

Lord Shuttleworth then proceeded to present the award and gave special recognition to Language Insight’s talented staff members who were all watching the presentation. The award itself is accompanied by a scroll with a letter addressed to Language Insight that has been personally signed by Her majesty The Queen.

After the presentation of the award was over, it was time for some refreshments where Lord Shuttleworth and his party personally introduced themselves to each individual staff member and chatted with them about their roles at Language Insight.

Managing Director Donna Twose showed her appreciation to Lord Shuttleworth and his party by stating “I am extremely grateful to Lord Shuttleworth and his party for taking the time to visit our HQ to present this prestigious award to us. I’d also like to express my thanks to the Mayor of Fylde who also joined us to celebrate this success. It was a really special day for both myself and for all of our staff here at Language Insight, it has been a great way to show our staff how much we appreciate their hard work.”