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Kilgray releases TM Repository, the world’s first tool-independent Translation Memory management system

memoQ Translation Technologies

Thursday, 2 June, 2011


Kilgray Translation Technologies, developers of translation industry pioneers memoQ and qTerm, has released TM Repository, the world’s first tool-independent Translation Memory management system.


The TM Repository is a concise and efficient translation memory management system that benefits language service providers and enterprise customers. TM Repository can be used with any translation tools that support TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) format. The control elements are customized by you, further enhancing your organization’s unique strategies for leveraging assets and optimizing operations. Through TM Repository, language service providers, companies, institutions, and other organizations can gain full control over legacy memories, and improve the quality of translation memories used in future translations. With TM Repository, organizations can access all relevant translation memory content any time, and keep track of the changes, updates, and usage of each translation unit in the database.


The TM Repository ensures maximum control over translation assets. Users will gain the most efficient leverage both in terms of coverage and accuracy: based on the properties of the translation project, project managers will get all relevant content from translation units collected in the Repository with a single click, while keeping unnecessary translation units to a minimum. Working with TM Repository, translation organizations can get maximum savings from their translation memories.


About Kilgray


Kilgray Translation Technologies is based in Hungary. The company delivers computer aided technologies for the translation industry. It was founded in 2004 and launched the first version of memoQ, an integrated translation environment, in 2005. All products of Kilgray, like memoQ, the memoQ server, qTerm, and the TM Repository, facilitate, speed-up and optimize the entire translation process.


The networked translation suites of Kilgray are team-oriented and designed for the use of small translation teams as well as large enterprises.


Contact for further information:


Sandor Papp    [email protected]

Kilgray Translation Technologies, P.O. Box 7, 1255 Budapest, Hungary