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Kilgray releases a new version of Language Terminal

memoQ Translation Technologies

Thursday, 10 December, 2015

Kilgray Translation Technologies, a developer of translation productivity tools released a new version of their translation productivity platform, Language Terminal. The platform is free of charge for everyone, even those who don’t have memoQ. 

The new version of the Language Terminal platform has seen eighteen months of design and development, and all aspects of Language Terminal were overhauled. Kilgray believes that it will significantly improve the productivity of translators and small translation teams. Through Language Terminal, translators and small teams can create, track, and back up jobs, manage quotes, share resources, and benefit from the improved reporting functionality.

Users of Language Terminal can share online translation memories and term bases with each other. With the release of Kilgray’s SDL Trados Studio plugin in early 2016, even people working in different translation environments can access each other’s translations in real time, taking interoperability in the cloud to a new level.

Regardless of the translation tool, users of Language Terminal can convert Adobe InDesign files to XLIFF files that can be edited in their tool, and they will also be able to see a PDF preview of the translated InDesign file in Language Terminal.

Language Terminal is available free of charge at http://languageterminal.com/ for everyone, even those who don’t own a memoQ license.


About memoQ

memoQ translator pro is the world's most advanced translation environment for translators and reviewers. After winning the ITI’s (Institution of Translation and Interpreting) „Best Translation Software 2011” award and being rated #1 by Common Sense Advisory among translation-centric TMS systems and appreciated by thousands of freelance and in-house translators, memoQ is quickly gaining popularity in the field of translation technology.

Learn more about memoQ translator pro or about the memoQ server by clicking the appropriate links.


About Kilgray

With tens of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies and other companies worldwide, Kilgray Translation Technologies is a customer-focused provider of CAT tools.

Kilgray’s products – memoQ translator pro, memoQ server, memoQ cloud server and Language Terminal - are designed to facilitate, speed-up and optimize the entire translation process. The networked translation solutions of Kilgray are team-oriented and scalable for use by small translation teams as well as large enterprises.






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