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Kilgray releases memoQ 8.3

memoQ Translation Technologies

Monday, 4 December, 2017

Kilgray Translation Technologies, a developer of translation productivity tools, has released memoQ 8.3. The new version introduces the memoQ WordPress Connector and includes several improvements on terminology work for translators and enterprises.

Budapest (Hungary) 4 December 2017

One of the highlights of 2017 has been the integration between of memoQ to the World’s leading Content Management System – WordPress. A couple of months ago, memoQ 8.2 introduced the WPML filter, which made the management of WordPress XLIFF files very easy.

memoQ 8.3 takes the integration process a step further and introduces the memoQ WordPress Connector, which offers a fully automated translation workflow between WPML (WordPress Plugin) and memoQ server. It provides an easy way to manage multilingual web content and translation projects within WordPress. WordPress website owners can use this connector to automate all of their translation workflow.

Terminology work is without question the other big topic on Kilgray’s 8.3 release. Proper terminology management is not only essential to guarantee quality; it also affects productivity just as much as translation memory does. Version 8.3 features improvements in memoQ but also in QTerm, Kilgray’s advanced terminology management module for translation companies and enterprises.

On the memoQ side, terminology enhancements include a re-designed term base entry details pane, a more efficient way you start and manage term extraction sessions, and multiple refinements to the term extraction editor. As it has become a standard over the years, new developments by Kilgray keep in mind compatibility and translation work done outside CAT Tools, this is the reason why version 8.3 includes the possibility to export extracted terms into an Excel workbook for terminology validation outside memoQ.

On QTerm’s side, 8.3 introduces brand-new glossary options, new export & import possibilities, multiple terminology management, and user experience upgrades.

Importing and exporting files into and out of a translation tool can either make work simple or turn into a nuisance. memoQ 8.3 also comprises improvements on document import and export. Two of the most important improvements include: enhancing the handling of format and content in multilingual files when the source format is XLSX and adding the possibility to configure the XLIFF filter to import mrk tags inside segments and display them as inline tag.

Other highlights in memoQ 8.3 involve a new “Restore selected version” button to easily restore an earlier version of a row in a document, the introduction of filtering and sorting options in WebTrans (memoQ Web interface for translators), and the possibility for translators to comment on rows confirmed in the “Reviewer 2” role.

memoQ 8.3 is the third successful release since Kilgray Translation Technologies introduced its new approach to releases this year. Over the course of 2017, the company has introduced more than 60 new features to its market-leading translation environment software.

More information on memoQ 8.3 is available by clicking here.


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