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E.g., 11/16/2019

KantanMT Welcomes the University of Antwerp, Belgium to its Expanding Academic Programme

KantanMT continues to bolster its presence in the European localization and language technology academic community by welcoming the University of Antwerp, Belgium to its Expanding Partnership Programme


Wednesday, 11 January, 2017

KantanMT is pleased to announce a new academic partnership with the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters in the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The new partnership will see students learn to experiment with KantanMT’s cloud-based Machine Translation system in an elective Master course that combines human translation revision with post-editing in three language pairs: English-Dutch, French-Dutch, German-Dutch.

During the second semester, lecturer Dr. Isabelle Robert will teach human translation revision with post-editing to approx. 13 students. As a member of the KantanMT University Partner Program, the university will be able to include hands-on activities with the KantanMT cloud-based MT platform in the syllabus.

Students will gain valuable knowledge and expertise in the evaluation and customisation of KantanMT statistical machine translation engines in a number of language pairs including, Dutch, English, German and French languages.

"Translation trainees have learnt to work with CAT tools in the undergraduate programme under the supervision of lecturer Dr. Gert Vercauteren. A logical further step is to introduce MT and post-editing in our existing traditional revision course at graduate level", says Dr. Isabelle Robert. "As our head of department professor Aline Remael would say, 'No technology without language, no language without technology'."

KantanMT.com is fully integrated into a translation technology module and covers principles and practice in Translation Memory (TM) and Machine Translation (MT) technology. The unique customisation features of KantanMT enables students to gain a thorough understanding of MT to prepare them for future careers in the language industry.

For more information on the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters in the University of Antwerp, contact professor Aline Remael ([email protected]) or Dr. Isabelle Robert ([email protected]), or visit the University webpage.

To join the KantanMT Academic program, contact Carlos Collantes ([email protected]), or visit the KantanMT’s partner page.

About the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a research university where pioneering, innovative research is conducted at an international level. Research and education are closely linked. Educational innovation is a constant focus, and special care is also taken to welcome and guide each of the 20,000 students spread across our nine faculties. The University of Antwerp is not an island: we build bridges to secondary education, to industry and, by extension, to society. With over 5,000 members of staff, the University of Antwerp is one of the most important employers in Antwerp, Flanders’ largest city. More information: www.uantwerp.be

About KantanMT

KantanMT.com is a leading SaaS based machine translation platform that enables users to develop and manage Custom Machine Translation engines in the cloud. The innovative technologies offered on the KantanMT.com platform enable users to easily build MT engines in over 760 language combinations, seamlessly integrating into localization workflows and web applications. KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland.