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KantanMT User Feedback Results Announced

KantanMT community respond to user experience survey, revealing overall positive feedback


Thursday, 23 February, 2017

KantanMT is pleased to announce the positive results of a new user experience survey, which was sent to the KantanMT user community. To understand the needs of KantanMT clients better, a detailed survey was sent to the current user base of the MT platform. The score-based questions addressed topics related to quality in different areas of KantanMT.com, most frequently used KantanMT features and requested users to include comments about new features they would like to see on the platform.

When asked what were the main goals in using KantanMT, 81% users agreed that they use MT to incorporate a cost-effective translation process, 46% users wanted to save time and translate more volume, while 37% users wanted to optimise their translation workflow.  Unique aspects of KantanMT that were viewed most favourably included the range of features and the customisability that the platform offers as well as speed of customisation.

In terms of which specific features had greatest appeal, all features scored well but we were interested to learn that the top rated KantanMT feature was KantanFleet™, followed closely by KantanLQR™, KantanWidgets™ and KantanBuildAnalytics™.

When asked about what they like the most about KantanMT overall, responses included the flexibility of being able to manage tags, the ability of working with MT professionals at KantanMT who can help process training data, and the user-experience afforded by the dashboard.

KantanMT Professional Services were also rated extremely highly, with ‘communication,’ ‘technical support,’ ‘professionalism’ and ‘training’ ranking as the top strengths of the team.

“We are thankful to our users for giving us their feedback about the platform,” said Laura Casanellas, Product Manager at KantanMT. “We will take all the suggestions on-board, and we have already begun addressing some of the issues raised in the survey by changing a number of key-terms in the dashboard and improving the user experience (UX). However, I am really glad to say that the overall feedback on the platform has been very positive, and it’s nice to know that users are happy with the service at KantanMT.”

The top strengths of KantanMT emerged to be the ease of using the KantanMT platform and the client support: “KantanMT allows you to build MT engines very fast and easy, and you can integrate the MT engines easily in your existing translation environment,” said one user while another mentioned that “excellent support is readily available” to the KantanMT community. Yet another user advised to “try it (KantanMT) and see if it fits (the MT requirement.)”

To know more about the survey or to send your feedback, mail [email protected].

About KantanMT

KantanMT is a Custom Machine Translation platform that provides the most extensive range of customisation and accuracy management features on the market.  Used by some of the worlds’ leading brands, KantanMT delivers translations that are superfast, accurate and brand-consistent. KantanMT ensures data-confidentiality with cloud or on-premise deployments, offers self-managed or fully-serviced implementations, and supports any translation volume in over 760 language pairs.