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KantanMT Machine Translation Platform introduces New Statistical Reporting Console for Members


Thursday, 20 June, 2013

Xcelerator Machine Translations Ltd., today announced the release of a new interactive reporting console, available for members of their award winning KantanMT.com platform. This new reporting console tracks member platform usage, KantanMT engine quality measurements and translation throughput and productivity.


The new Report Console, which is accessible in My Account contains three new tabs which provides clear data visualization of platform usage, engine quality and translations productivity measurements such as:

  1. Monthly Statistics Tab: Provides detailed reports on member compute time usage, disk usage, KantanMT quality measurements and overview of all jobs launched by a member.
  2. Account Statistics Tab: Provides comprehensive member platform statistics since they created their account. These statistics include information about training and translation time for each KantanMT engine, including detailed information about each job launched on the KantanMT platform.
  3. Productivity Statistics Tab: Displays productivity information regarding each KantanMT engine built and deployed by KantanMT members.

Members of the KantanMT Community can use these reports to clearly communicate their activity on KantanMT to other members of their team and highlight which jobs are returning a higher ROI. The reports are also beneficial from a learning perspective, where members can track their engines’ performance against types of training and then go on to develop advanced strategies for training.


For more information on the KantanMT reporting feature, or to request a demonstration, please go to www.KantanMT.com or contact Kevin McCoy, MT Success Coach ([email protected])