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E.g., 11/12/2019

KantanMT Launches KantanSnippet™, an Instant Browser Translation Plug-In

KantanSnippet, a part of the KantanWidgets™ Suite of Productivity Apps, provides high speed, instant translation services anywhere


Wednesday, 27 July, 2016

KantanMT is pleased to announce the release of KantanSnippet™, part of the KantanWidgets™ Suite of Productivity Apps. KantanSnippet is a browser based Machine Translation plug-in that can be used to translate snippets of web content instantly. Users simply highlight the text on the browser, which they want to translate and click the Translate button. The translated text will appear in the application pop-up window.

Benefits of KantanSnippet ™:

  • Instant translation of online fragments, including content on your intranet
  • Secure and confidential translation services based on KantanMT engines
  • Seamless cross-language communication experience

KantanSnippet is part of the KantanWidgets Suite of Productivity Apps which allow KantanMT clients integrate KantanMT technology within their own environments, including websites, Microsoft Office programs and supported browsers (Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox).

The launch of KantanSnippet comes only weeks after the announcement of KantanTranslate.

“We are constantly finding ways to improve the KantanMT offerings, and create a better user experience for our clients,” says Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect of KantanMT.com. “KantanSnippet is a quick, easy and most importantly, a very secure application for the KantanMT community, which enables them to access instant translation of any content on a website, intranet or extranet infrastructure.”

KantanSnippet will be availabe on most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. Additional plans will include an option to view your translation history, and for a text to speech functionality.

KantanWidgets Suite of Productivity Apps will be available to all KantanMT clients.

For more information on KantanSnippet™, KantanWidgets™ or to see a live demo email [email protected].