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KantanMT Announces Silver Sponsorship of ASLIB Conference


Monday, 16 September, 2013

Xcelerator Machine Translations Ltd. is pleased to announce KantanMTs Silver Sponsorship of this years’ ASLIB ‘Translating and the Computer Conference’ which is being held in Paddington, London on 28th and 29th November.


The conference which is in its 35th year focusses on examining the impact of computers and technology on the translation industry and how this affects language professionals. It also showcases translation tools.


“We are proud to sponsor this years’ ASLIB conference”, said Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect of KantanMT. “The ‘Translating and Computer’ conference always has an interesting mix of presentations and topics and we are delighted to be a part of it".


Please get in touch with Niamh Lacy ([email protected]) to arrange a meeting at the event.


Further information on ASLIB can be found on www.aslib.com


What is KantanMT™?


KantanMT is a cloud-based implementation of Moses statistical Machine Translation technology. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, KantanMT effortlessly scales to generate a high-quality, low-cost Machine Translation platform for small-to-medium sized Localisation Service Providers.


What is Xcelerator?


Xcelerator Machine Translations Solution is a new start-up that is focusing on making Machine Translation easy to use, inexpensive to access and available to mid-sized LSPs that are eager to integrate MT into their client’s localisation workflows. Xcelerator is focusing on the growing number of small-to-medium sized language service providers (LSPs) that want to – or must – offer machine translation to their clients.


Recent research on pricing shows that while a very small percentage of translation agencies use MT on every job, nearly a quarter of small LSPs, and more than half of medium-sized LSPs, will apply it if requested to do so by their clients. However, most providers don’t have the technical expertise to install an MT solution, train engines for their clients, and integrate it with their workflow. Xcelerator aims to fill that gap.