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E.g., 11/15/2019

KantanMT Announces New Profile Alias Feature to Improve MT Project Management

New Profile Alias functionality and API improvements added to KantanMT.com to improve the user experience for translation and localization Project Managers


Monday, 14 November, 2016

KantanMT is pleased to announce the addition of a new improvement to its Custom Machine Translation platform that will enable Project Managers to improve translation and localization efficiency, while managing MT profiles more effectively.

The Profile alias feature is for clients who access the KantanAPI™ through a Translation Management System (TMS) and Computer Aided Translation tools (CAT), and with multiple MT engines under the same domain, group, type or account.

Using the Profile alias feature, KantanMT users will be able to group multiple KantanMT engines from the same domain or content type. Clients with numerous engines will now be able to more easily identify and work with engines from the same domain or group without manually managing all the engines on their account. Profile Aliases will also enable automatic selection of the relevant language pairs.

As an example, if a client has 20 KantanMT engines or profiles on their account, with seven of those engines in the automotive domain, five in the medical domain, and eight in the IT domain, they can group the engines together by each category. By selecting the alias ‘automotive,’ ‘medical,’ and ‘IT,’ respectively, clients can organise and short-cut access to their engines more effectively. Profile aliases can also be grouped for separate clients or accounts.

Profile alias technology also improves translation efficiency when using KantanWidgets™ Suite of Productivity Apps (KantanSnippet™KantanTranslate™KantanOfficeMT™ and KantanDesktop™).

“Profile aliases will simplify the KantanMT user experience by reducing the time required to specify the use of a particular MT engine,” says Laura Casanellas, Product Manager at KantanMT. “This is a particularly powerful feature that can be used to complete multiple tasks on the platform, and all KantanMT clients can begin using the profile alias feature, once they have enabled the KantanAPI™."

To know more about KantanMT profile aliases, and how they can be integrated into your workflow to improve translation and localization project management, email [email protected].

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