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KantanMT Announces MemoQ Integration


Monday, 2 September, 2013

Xcelerator Machine Translations Ltd. is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the KantanMT/ MemoQ connector. The new connector will enable users of both technologies to easily integrate KantanMT Machine Translation into the MemoQ environment, further automating the translation workflow.

Incorporating feedback from a growing membership base, KantanMT are developing a series of translation environment connectors which will enable members to fully realise the benefits that KantanMT Machine Translation technology offers. The MemoQ connector is the first of these connectors to be released.

Some notable functions of the KantanMT/MemoQ connector include:

  • KantanMT client profile activation
  • KantanMT client profile deactivation
  • Translation retrieval

“We are excited to be releasing the first in a series of connectors which will enable our members to reach a new level of translation workflow integration,” said Tony O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Architect of KantanMT. “Using the KantanMT/MemoQ connector our members will experience heightened levels of overall productivity and increased value from the KantanMT platform.”

For more information, please go to www.KantanMT.com , or contact Niamh Lacy ([email protected]).


What is KantanMT™?

KantanMT is a cloud-based implementation of Moses statistical Machine Translation technology. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, KantanMT effortlessly scales to generate a high-quality, low-cost Machine Translation platform for small-to-medium sized Localisation Service Providers.


About MemoQ

MemoQ is an integrated translation environment developed by Kilgray Translation Technologies. It boosts the productivity of human translators while maintaining the high quality and increasing the consistency of translated texts.


About Kilgray

Kilgray is a privately owned company which was founded in 2004 by three Hungarian language technologists. It uses a bottom-up approach and firmly believes Language Service Providers (LSPs) can only introduce technology that translators enjoy using.

More information on Kilgray and MemoQ can be found at kilgray.com