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Kantan KantanLQR™ Now Allows Quality Estimation Comparison of Up to Four Machine Translation Engines

KantanMT launches A/B testing feature with KantanLQR allowing Machine Translation output quality estimate of up to four engines


Tuesday, 21 February, 2017

21 February 2017, Dublin, Ireland: KantanMT is pleased to announce a new A/B testing feature with KantanLQR™, which allows clients to test and compare Machine Translation output from up to four Machine Translation (MT) engines. This new feature follows the launch of Neural MT (NMT) stock engines, which are available to clients within the extensive KantanFleet™.

Clients can not only compare their Neural MT engine quality against other Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) KantanMT engines, but also compare different iterations of the same MT engines to determine a winner. KantanLQR is a language quality review tool that automates and formalises the evaluation of translation quality of KantanMT engines. Existing KantanMT clients can begin using the KantanLQR A/B testing feature right away to identify the engine with the highest quality MT output.

“KantanLQR has revolutionised the way MT engine quality is estimated,” says Brian Coyle, Chief Commercial Officer at KantanMT. “We wanted to take this product a step further by allowing our clients to estimate the quality of not one MT engine, but compare the quality of up to four engines. This is a very powerful feature, which will not only benefit our Neural MT users, but also clients who want to compare the MT output from different engines to determine the best MT engine for a particular translation project.”

A/B Testing users can compare and rate different MT engines from the same domain, or different iterations of the same engine after each training phase, and clients can also compare their Neural MT output with their existing (SMT) engines. To know more about A/B testing with KantanLQR, mail [email protected].

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