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E.g., 04/02/2020

June at Centrum Lokalizacji C&M — A Month of Support Actions and Charity Work.

Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Tuesday, 17 June, 2014

The first month of summer has been a month of charity work at Centrum Lokalizacji C&M. Our support was directed to cultural institutions and children in need of special care.

At the beginning of June, we started cooperation with the Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre. As with the Wroclaw Philharmonic, our cooperation includes free-of-charge translations of the materials ordered by the Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre. With this collaboration, we would like to facilitate the promotion of this distinguished Wrocław theatre in the international market, and bring the theatre's work closer to art enthusiasts from abroad who do not speak Polish.

On June 7th, 2014 in the picturesque village of Galów, C&M’s employees, in cooperation with the local horse stable, organized a picnic for children from the House of St. Francis Community Center in Legnica. The event was filled with attractions, such as sport activities, a campfire, sweet treats, and - most importantly - horse-riding. Thanks to the courtesy of the stable's owner, the children learned the stories of each horse, participated in the horse care and maintenance activities, and individually tried horse-riding under the supervision of the instructor. As part of this event, children also received small gift that made them feel like actors in a Western movie. This day will certainly stay in the memory of the children and C&M’s employees who supported the event.

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