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Jonckers Yields 43% Organic Growth in 2007

Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Jonckers Translation & Engineering had a phenomenal 2007. Focused on organic growth and client retention Jonckers achieved 43% growth without sacrificing profitability. This outstanding organic growth was capped in October when Microsoft selected LCJ, co-founded by Jonckers as Microsoft Service Vendor of the Year from 15,000 vendors worldwide.

Jonckers established US operational headquarters in Portland, Oregon in 2007 and saw US acquired business reach six digit figures in the first year of operation from significant new name US clients including eBay, Expedia and Cisco. In addition Asia and Eastern Europe were significantly extended through successful hiring of industry’s best talent and the opening of our operations in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Jean-Claude Bodart, Jonckers CEO commented, “Stability and reliability are the core benefits of an organic growth model – simply put it allows us to deliver systematically on the quality and schedule expectations of our world leading clients. Consistent teams, a global infrastructure and a strongly embedded set of values ensure we are cost effective and can add a real value that distinguishes us to our clients.”

Marc Jonckers, Chief Strategy Officer added, “The localization industry has a history of painful consolidation. Before mergers or acquisitions can add value to an organization they must have a solid foundation of processes, core management and infrastructure to settle upon, with the success of the US we have built a world class organizational foundation that can support significant scalability in the future.”

Commenting on the US growth Nic McMahon, VP GM of Jonckers US stated, “A credible infrastructure and a consistent focused effort on clients where we can genuinely add value and make a difference have helped the US become a profit contributing component in Jonckers global infrastructure. Even with our exceptional growth our focus has always been to build a stable company with a bright future, even as we finalized the 2007 figures, it was clear that the trend for 2008 is going to be equally positive, we have a very exciting year ahead.”

About Jonckers
Jonckers, Microsoft Service Vendor of the Year 2007 (LCJ), is focused on delivering software, eLearning and multimedia localization services to the world’s best companies. Jonckers achieves localization excellence through an ERP controlled global network of wholly owned offices spanning Asia, Europe and the US allowing Jonckers to deliver low cost global resources without sacrificing quality.

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