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E.g., 07/16/2020

Janus Worldwide is now a SCHEMA ST4 certified service provider

Janus Worldwide

Monday, 19 August, 2019

Modern technology is driving significant change in today’s language service industry. Besides widely used public programs like the translation services offered by search engines, a wide range of professional innovations that industry experts could only have dreamed of 20 years or so ago is now available. Today, we are talking about the component content management system SCHEMA ST4 from Nuremberg-based software manufacturer SCHEMA. It really makes a difference!

Content management system SCHEMA ST4 helps to prevent certain common issues like graphics that are accidentally marked as translatable but which, in reality, should not be localized, or when content appears in more than one project but should only be translated once. The major benefit for the customer is accuracy of translation. There is less risk of content being translated when it shouldn’t be, and the interface is quicker, meaning that less time is spent on handover.

“Quality of deliverables and customer satisfaction are the core principles of our results-oriented project management,” says Mrs. Sigrid Eckstein, Director of Business Development at Janus Worldwide. “We can handle the SCHEMA ST4 XML files in several CAT tools, like memoQ, SDL Trados and Across, thanks to special filters provided to us directly by SCHEMA. We can also set up an interface between SCHEMA ST4 and our Across server, which further automates the exchange of files for translation.”

On July 10, SCHEMA organized a training session on translation management (Ubersetzungsmanagement SCHEMA ST4). The aim of the session was to introduce the system’s advantages and functionality for both LSP project managers and clients.

Menke Muller, a Project Team Leader at Janus Worldwide who attended the training session, said: “In my seven years as a localization project manager, I’ve faced different challenges handling XML files from SCHEMA ST4. Thanks to the SCHEMA ST4 training, I now have a much better understanding of how to process these files. I feel confident that I can handle any future project with ease and that I will understand the client’s needs better.”

Modern requirements for technical documentation – intelligent information, accessible at any time and anywhere, always up-to-date and compatible with every type of device – have led to changes not only in the way that content is maintained in the technical writing department, but also to changes in processes and procedures. To fulfill these requirements, technical writers and product experts who are not familiar with technical writing need to be able to work together more effectively. As a result, automation and workflows are at the heart of the latest version of the component content management system SCHEMA ST4.*

About SCHEMA Group

The SCHEMA Group develops and markets high-performance solutions for information logistics. Founded in 1995, the company employs over 130 people at its headquarters and development site in Nuremberg, Germany.

The SCHEMA Group's solutions are suitable for a broad range of applications. They are deployed in a wide variety of sectors including mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, IT, electronics, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

* Source of paragraph: SCHEMA Group press release dated October 24, 2018: “tcworld conference 2018 – product experts with no prior knowledge now able to use the SCHEMA ST4 component content management system”