E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020

Janus Worldwide on the importance of audits

Janus Worldwide

Thursday, 23 April, 2020

Janus Worldwide has successfully implemented three ISO standards in its Quality Management System (QMS): ISO 9001 (Quality management systems – Requirements), which contains requirements to a comprehensive QMS; ISO 17100 (Translation services – Requirements for translation services), which specifies requirements to translation services, and ISO 13611 (Interpreting – Guidelines for community interpreting), which sets interpreting guidelines. This year, Janus Worldwide has passed two re-certification audits (for compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100) and one observation audit (for compliance with ISO 13611), with no critical non-compliance revealed. For the purpose of ISO 9001, the Company cooperates with TÜV Nord, a member of TÜV Group.

The results of the audits have demonstrated that Janus Worldwide’s quality management system fully complies with the standards specified and is focused on consumer satisfaction. Such satisfaction is achieved by meeting the requirements set for the services and the expectations of clients and other stakeholders, including employees, partners and the community. The processes developed by the Company ensure the achievement of the results targeted by the client.

Maria Sidelnikova, Head of Quality Assurance Department, comments, “One of the QMS principles is on-going improvement. Our company is focused on continuous development and optimization, and considers it as an advantage in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. We have once again proved to have a mature management system that enables achieving targeted results.”

Janus Worldwide is audited on a regular basis and is working hard to improve the efficiency of all business processes, which guarantees excellent quality and a high level of service. Such audits allow us to objectively assess our efforts, set further milestones, and identify aspects that require special attention or a change of approach. Our ultimate goal is to meet clients’ requirements in full and offer the best solutions for their challenges.